Review: Shaggy – Pure Pleasure

Shaggy sure brought out the pleasure experience with the tales of lust on his 1993 debut album Pure Pleasure. The album was Shaggy’s big break as a reggae dancehall artist given that this album was a moderate success underground. Shaggy chases skirt throughout the entire album which is not surprising. Shaggy also did his thing raggamuffin style on his debut album too.

Love How Them Flex explores how Shaggy loves how girls all flex. Shaggy is here to tell us how much he just loves how them girls all flex.

The woman Shaggy is chasing after is a cut above the rest. Shaggy tells the woman he is chasing after, “Gal you’re just above inna your thighs and dress pants. And the blouse and the shorts and me say down inna them dress. Gal you know you win the healthy body contest” Her body is hot enough that she could be a model.

That’s why she gets a man so hypnotized. Especially a man like Shaggy. This is something man fears to realize Girls have the gumption under disguise and men act wholly monkeyish when she comes out at night. There is no way a guy can disrespect her.

Nice and Lovely was a story about how Shaggy went after a nice lovely girl because Shaggy thought she was the one for him.

Shaggy goes after a nice lovely girl because he thinks she is the one for him. He says, “She is the girl for me.” She’s nice and extremely lovely. She is also sweet and sexy. This girl is buff and rough due to being healthy. Shaggy loves how she moves and he loves how she flexes. He wants somebody to come tickle him fancy.

He kisses her upon her lips and makes her lipstick smudge. She is his ebony and his chocolate fudge. Shaggy gets over burned when she busts a cold sweat. Jah know say she rough. She is the girl for Shaggy. He wants a young girl now with the extra stuff.

Shaggy explains who and what the Bedroom Bounty Hunter is on the rasta ragamuffin song Bedroom Bounty Hunter. There is a bounty come to terrorize your county. Watch this rude boy do it ragamuffin style.

The Bedroom Bounty Hunter has come to watch the gal in bed. You wonder who is the loving galore. The Bedroom Bounty Hunter and Shaggy are the men with the loving galore. All the Bedroom Bounty Hunter does is just buck on the bed. She said she want it on the floor.

All Virgins discusses how virginity is not as common as it used to be. Shaggy doesn’t believe that virginity is as common as it used to be. Everybody wants piece of the action regardless of gender. This is frequently true.

Here is one example of how virginity is not as common as it used to be. Suzetta gave her virginity to every man. She was a body on the ship and everything in action. Her man carries her around his loverboy mansion. One thing her man does is lay her down on his loverboy divan. Then he comes give her some loving action. Just like a cherry every man trying for a pick. It is true that she was a virgin at one point in time.

Big Up was a song Shaggy dedicated to buff muscular women and fat women. Women that are extra buff, fat, and rough. Gal you’re fat and you’re buff. Gal if you’re fat and you’re buff, you a powder puff.

I rate this album 4/5****!!

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