Review: Kalya Kamu – Duo

The Duo album is a hot swing jazz album of all original material written, partially produced, and performed by Kalya Ramu. Kalya Ramu on vocals and Ewen Farncombe on piano. You can feel that vibe and sound of traditional swing jazz music from her vocals and the instrumentation on this album which is similar to that 1940s jazz. This album is truly an overshadowed classic.

Laugh It Off is about Kalya wondering about where her choices would take her and how she came to see that songs can joy last an eternity. So she’ll just laughs it off and carry on with what she loves. The song explored and explained the hardships of being a singer-songwriter. Laugh It Off was the swing jazz answer to Taylor Swift – Shake It Off.

When Kalya was young, the world was big. She let her choices take her where they would. And finally, she looked up and found that she was writing songs. People had warned her this life is hard. The life of being a singer-songwriter is hard. They said the chance Kalya would make it big and be successful was small. But she just laughs it off. Though they mean well.

If she had led a different kind of life, she knows my heart would want something more for not much can replace the rush of singing aloud and making a crowd believe in a moment. In her short life, Kalya has come to see that songs can make joy last eternally. So she’ll just laughs it off and carry on with what she loves.

That Swingin’ Rhythm brought out that 1940s swing jazz sound and style with an upbeat swingin’ swing rhythm. Kalya explains how the groove of jazz that tickles her side lifts her up so high. She explains why she needs that swingin’ rhythm.

Not only does Kalya stay strictly true and original to the jazz roots, Kalya paid homage to the subgenres of jazz such as big band and gypsy jazz in these lyrics. “That big band sound turns me around/The gypsy style brings me a smile/Oh how that swing taught me to sing/And it makes my life worthwhile/How that music gets me high”

Well it must be a groove that tickles her side and lifts her up so high. It must be that good ol’ jumpin’ ride. She needs that swingin’ rhythm. That sound is grand if you understand. Kalya would not just stand by. You couldn’t keep her off her feet when she hears that swingin’ rhythm.

When the blues get too strong and the days get so long. Kalya needs that music nice and loud. And keep that rhythm swingin’ proud. It lifts her spirits and fills the room. She is feeling so alive.

That big band sound turns her around. The gypsy style brings her a smile. That swing taught her to sing. Those subgenres of jazz make her life worthwhile. How that music gets her high and brings tears to her eyes. Her hips are swayin’ side to side. Her lungs holler high-dee-high. It brings the people out tonight. She needs that swingin’ rhythm.

Kalya sings about how she is truly in love on the song appropriately titled In Love.

Kalya is truly in love. Before she didn’t really understand the meaning of love. This feeling isn’t clear until a man draws her near. She couldn’t help but think that she is in love. The feeling of holding his hand has got her feeling grand.

These simple words can’t emanate the warmth she has within. Why should she complicate the situation? Throw in all the adjectives she knows? She’d rather use the short and sweet to tell her man three words he’ll understand. A sentence strictly made to show affection that is grand. You shouldn’t hesitate unless it’s your first date.

The Things I Do is a song which discussed the things Kalya wants her man to do such as pick up his socks and line up their shoes.

Kalya wants her man to pick up his socks, fold all his laundry up, and line up their shoes. Kalya likes to do the things she does. The things Kalya does she does for him through thick and thin. She feeds him frozen cherries without the pits. Gives him all her kisses until she is blue in the lips.

Kalya brightens up when he calls her name. Her cheeks turn pink on cue. It helps that he’s a dreamy guy too. He gets Kalya ice cold water in a glass for two. He never misses a show of her. He is always so true to Kalya. So she can love him like she do because she knows he loves her too. He is kind and understanding. He wouldn’t deceive. He’s a perfect gentleman that you wouldn’t believe exists.

Comfort explained the difficulty Kalya had getting out of bed due to the comfort of her pillow.

Kalya can’t get out of bed because this pillow has got her head unwilling to set her free. As long as this pillow is soft, she will lay in comfort. So warm and cozy is she. This high thread count bedding is simply divine. This duvet insists that she stays. Kalya is hazy and lazy in comfort. The day turns to evening and she is still in bed. Perhaps she will stay here until she is dead. A life for her in comfort.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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