Review: Positive K ‎– Night Shift / One to the Head

Positive K ‎– Night Shift / One to the Head is one of the lesser known New York hip hop singles from the 90s which did receive some moderate spins on the radio and underground clubs. This is when hip hop was hip hop. All of these songs showcase and exemplify Positive K’s smooth rhymes with his lyrics.

Night Shift (Pimp Version) is regarded as one of the greatest hip hop tracks in history. This song is an example of early pimp hop similar to Too Short, Grand Daddy IU, Suga Free, and Pimp C. This classic hip hop song has banging beats, yo! Positive K plays the role of a fly pimp who is a smooth talker during this hip hop song. Quit your day job, cause now you’re on the nightshift. Positive K got you workin on the nightshift.

The introduction of this song uses a sample from the 1973 blaxploitation film The Mack.

You talkin just like a pimp!
You see pimpin’s big business and it’s been goin on since the beginning of time.
And it’s gonna continue STRAIGHT AHEAD til somebody up there turns out the lights on this small planet.
Allow me to propose a toast.

The true black mack with a knack is set up attract a stack. He spins dem girls like crack. So let him work his maneuver. You gotta school these young macks comin up today. The girls are relish but they need to ketch-up on they pimpin. Positive K is the fly pimp. When it comes to pimping, bitches know his status. Positive K is ridin’ with Kane in a Mercedes. Flashin’ high-beams amongst all the young ladies. They step up and ask him to get in. Pimp on pimpin’. Quit your day job, cause now you’re on the nightshift. Positive K got you workin on the nightshift.

These are Positive K’s smoothest rhymes.

There’s none smoother, so you know that I’ma soothe her
And uhh, when I start to shoot the gift
The next day, I got you workin on the nightshift

That’s right Pos baby
I mean to be ‘frank’, they just hot dogs
Positive! Oh yes, the fly pimp
I do my thing but I would never attempt
to brag or boast, to try to say that I’m the baddest

But you know my motto: no skins, no Benz (heh)
Before you know it, I’m like a mack to her
One whiff of the gap shot swift
I got you workin on the nightshift

Shakin’ them hips softly while she’s steppin’
The lovin’ ain’t a tool, the lovin is a weapon

Positive K is what you’d call a smooth microphone controller. His lifestyle is like suave bola. The only thing Positive K is sniffing is your girlfriend’s pantyhose. If you find that kinky, put some barbeque sauce on the tip of my pinky. He’s wearing you down, baby. He gives the kiss of death. Just like Blackula. Watch him get freaky like a nymphomaniac. An erotic tour with the mack. Not to be played with. Another hit baby!

You have got to work your women by the scale. If she is skinny, make her bring you home a good penny. If she is fat, make her pay like she weighs. What they used to say? “The Freaks Come Out at Night” Yeah, believe it’s true. In fact it’s a reality. Some do it for the love and some do it for the salary. Some women are true and some women are deceiving. Some women are also ladies of the evening. Shakin’ them hips softly while she’s steppin’. The lovin’ ain’t a tool. The lovin is a weapon. Time keeps tickin’ and the world keeps turnin’. So fellas, watch your ladies ’cause it’s women Positive K is pursuing. He don’t play games because games are for fools. When your girl picks him, you know the rules!

One to the Head is B-Boy styled hip hop song reminiscent of the 80s. This song showcases and exemplifies Positive K’s smooth rhymes with his lyrics. He gets quite provocative on this song. Yet this is one of his more slept on songs.

First up to bat is Pos K the party wrecker. He’s got more moves than a fucking game of checkers. He can sell an Eskimo a glass of cold water. It ain’t no doubt you get knocked in ya mouth. All types of Positive, that’s what the girls say. You ought to be scared because he will scoop your daughter. He is bad that he can rob a drip of water. The rhyme was speed but like a turtle be movin’ slow and funky to a groovin’ beat or dance.

These are some of Positive K’s smoothest rhymes.

First up to bat, Pos K the party wrecker
Got more moves than an effin’ game of checkers

Be the eighth MC, that Rakim didn’t talk about
All types of Positive, that’s what the girls say
Grown damn man, got no time for child’s play
Scoop your daughter, be scared you oughta

I’m a new breed far from a young seed
Like a Boy Scout daily do my good deed
The rhyme was speed but like a turtle be movin’
I’m slow and funky in other words – I be groovin’!

Once and for all, let me tell you who the eff am I
Cause I’m the man, from here to Afghanistan
Cambodia, even Iran
But I never ran, and matter of fact I never tried it
In a contest me fess, man you just the next man, got it?

Good, he didn’t know I coulda woulda shoulda meant
And if he coulda, I think I he woulda shoulda went
If I didn’t tell ya, then how would you know?
Positive K’s not your ordinary Joe

Ladies look at me as a man of leisure
Cause I can do the things that can definitely please her
Brothers like to scramble, hustle, gamble
Women take the skin when I got a hell of a handle
A chip off the block cause my daddy was a player
Other words, hon, that means you don’t have a prayer

Cause I’m sweet, sweeter than a Raisinette
But on the other hand I’m hotter than Tabasco
You rhyme first and I’ll be the last to go

Now I’m sturdy, sturdy as a girder
Versatile with capabilities of murder
Protectin’ my honor as if I was a samurai
“Oh my back!” is the sounds when I slam a guy
I’m not above comedy and playin’
That’s just my simple way of sayin’

I rate this single 5/5*****!!

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