September 24, 2023

Coop MC – Currency is a forgotten album from Fort Worth rap from 1996 that many music fans slept on. The album is a solid classic with production proved by the one and only Kenan “Maestro” Lyles and Kevin Malone from Houston, Texas. The album has that smooth laid back G-Funk sound inside. Every track is worth listening to. The sounds from Funky Town, Texas (Fort Worth, Texas) have always been overlooked (minus Twisted Black and 6Two).

Maximize Your Profit is about maximizing your profits while being in the drug game or a being a legit business. It’s about maximizing your profits in the drug game by climbing your way to the top. Increasing your prices to inflate more sales is how you climb your way to the top whether it be in the drug game or a being a legit business (going & being legit). Maximizing your profits is important when living in a capitalist society.

It turns out to be more drama on the song Mo Drama. The song Mo Drama has themes of suspense, thrills, and of course drama itself. Its modern sound really stands out.

Playa Principal was a song that received radio play on radio stations in the DFW area back in 1996 when the album was being promoted and sold. Label mate DAP was featured.

Natural Style has that smooth lad back G-Funk sound where Coop MC thrives with his golden voice. He is a natural talent when it comes to rapping. I really mean it. Kenan “Maestro” Lyles and Kevin Malone produced the song Natural Style.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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