Review: Brian Setzer – Songs From Lonely Avenue

Songs From Lonely Avenue was the first album to feature all completely original songs written by Brian Setzer for his orchestra band collectively known as The Brian Setzer Orchestra. The album relies heavily on that swing revival sound of swing jazz a lot more than his usual signature rockabilly sound.

Lonely Avenue is the sad slow tempo swing jazz song that is played in a downtempo form. The song has urban feeling and sound from New York City. The song deals with loneliness and isolation which is why loneliness is a theme that is/can be felt. Brian laments about how his lady is no longer in his life. Lonely Avenue is a place to take a stroll when you get the blues. You’ll meet you don’t know who when you take a walk down Lonely Avenue.

The rain keeps comin’ down in a lonesome New York town. Brian knows his lover is not around. But still he thinks he sees her reflection in the glass. Is it too late to ask for one more round? A town this big he never knew could have a Lonely Avenue. There is nothing left to do. Well at least not with her. Brian took it kinda hard. He thinks that there’s a chance their paths may never cross again.

Lonely Avenue is a place to take a stroll when you get the blues. You’ll meet you don’t know who when you take a walk down Lonely Avenue.

These lyrics showcased and implied that their relationship was through.

Man, I’m through with you
Your sidewalks are all cracked
All my memories are blue
I’ll cross another street
But first I’ll tell you
What I’m gonna do
I’ll never walk again
Down that Lonely Avenue

Love Partners in Crime is a song about how Brian and his lover are an inseparable couple that are deeply in love with each other. They are lovers together.

Brian has got a place he wants go someday. He doesn’t know where and he don’t know how. The time for Brian and his lover is now. They want to leave your troubles and all their cares behind. They are lovers together. Both of them are just lover partners in crime sailing from star to star. Flyin’ high up in the sky. Love is a moonlit night.

You can tell this song takes place during a nighttime setting reading and listening to these lyrics.

Sailin’ from star to star
Flyin’ high up in the sky
Love is a moonlit night
Never ever kiss me goodbye

Dimes in the Jar is a song that teaches us not to be deceive by another person’s kindness because that person’s kindness could lead to a malicious trap of deceit and deception. Brian falls in love with a woman who thinks she loves him but is only after his money.

That the nicer they treat you, the more they’re inclined to deceive. But Brian is here for the long run. Brain found a good woman to love. She looks like she could run. She looks like the good one so far. Even though people say faster you get there, the longer it takes you to leave. It started out dandy.

Now Brian never got handed a dollar by no one. He was not born wealthy or was ever a member of the elite. He earned every dime in the jar. But little does he know that woman only after his money. But that’s only part of the trap. She gets an attorney and his name is Bernie. He’ll string you up like a cat. Then he will leave you penniless.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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