Review: Baby Bash – Tha Smokin’ Nephew

Baby Bash – Tha Smokin’ Nephew was the smoking hot album of 2003 that was full of Latin rap, reggaeton, and pop music for everyone to enjoy. The album had the memorable hits such as Suga Suga, Early In The Morning, Shorty Doowop, Oh Wow, Feeling Me, Changed My Life, and Menage A Trois. The whole album is a weed album which has songs that revolve around the subject of marijuana. Of course you have the occasional romantic love songs.

Suga Suga was a song by Baby Bash that was getting radioplay on airwaves across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil back in 2003. Especially in Austin since KAZI 88.7 and 140.3 FM! Suga Suga got heavy radioplay here in Austin all over the radio stations. It was such a great song that everyone who was in their rides was playing Suga Suga by Baby Bash at the stoplights here in Austin, Texas. Suga Suga is what skyrocketed Frankie J to fame in his musical career. Since he sung the hook and bridge. It was such a great song. The whole song is talking about weed.

As it is in this particular song, this woman could either be an actual female or she could be a metaphor for the drugs he is taking (probably coke or weed). Either way they both get him feeling great. So great that to the extent he is so high and baked. She’s sweet like honey buns because she has a nice ass. She doesn’t care about his money and just ditch him like a hoe would. This woman will be there whether Baby Bash is rich & famous or not. You can’t say anything to a player.

Baby Bash became the modern day Jimmy Hendrix on the song Weed Hand. The marijuana influenced song is intoxicating and deep.

Sometimes the game has got Baby Bash stressin. So he rolls himself a sweet and smashes off in the ride. He puts his weed hand in the sky. He respects marijuana for the love of life.

The smoke is killing off his lungs and appendix. It’s deep. Down in Texas. Dope House is so relentless. The fluff is endless. Baby Bash is smoking with his lawyer and his dentist. He is feeling stupendous. Smoking on greener reef. He done rolled a Lax wit a high speed chasers.

Baby Bash is cock mouthed and thirsty. He’s gotta keep his spirit lifted though. Marijuana is his spiritual and lyrical crutch. It’s hydrometrical. He is coming off fully loaded off that derby. His vacuum lungs are like those Kirby vacuums. Don’t disturb him when he is smoking marijuana. His weed hand is something he doesn’t disrespect.

On Tha Curb explained how Baby Bash was selling drugs and smoking weed.

Baby Bash is standing on the curb puffin on the herb. He’s trying to stay high. He is trying to get what a mother fucker deserves. He is trying to get richer because it all about them dollars. True to the trilla. Well that’s the way he put it down.

Purple essence was all around. Him and his folks blaze the pounds. There ain’t no brown. It’s all green. Baby Bash came up with a whole new scheme and a whole new dream. He just got himself a triple beam from a dope fiend. The dope fiend was a homie that used to be a baller until he started using all his dough. Baby Bash is all about that cash and that Mary Jane. You know the game. His dreams are magical. His top notch game is valuable. The way he stacks his product (drugs) is mathematical.

Baby Bash just bumped himself a badder hoe. A Las, Vegas Nevada hoe with some big old tits and ass. She loves all by that grass he grows. Her schedule ain’t flexible since they all live in Mexico. She’s got a semi truck with hella blow. And he scats across the US-Mexico border. That’s why the duck is coming buckets. Posted on the gizzard. Blowing sweets like they gots trumpets.

Sexy Eyes shared and explained how a classy and stunning woman’s sexy eyes got Baby Bash hypnotized. Her sexy eyes are so spiritual.

Sexy Eyes, That woman’s sexy eyes are so lovely. Her sexy eyes got him hypnotized. It makes Baby Bash want to love her. She’s lookin’ way cool tonight. Baby Bash tells her, “Girl, you’re lookin’ way cool, tonight.”

You know he’s got the cognac and the phat bomb sack. All he wants to do is vibe and put her on the suga rise. She is sexy each and every day thats to her sexy eyes and sexy waist. Smiling with her pearly whites when he puts this thang up on her. That sexy mama wanna marry him.

The steelo is so kamikaze. Shrinin’ like Liberace and smellin’ like Burberry. It’s goin’ down like gravity. She still wanna love him like a playboy bunny. It’s like a stairway to paradise when Baby Bash looks into her eyes. Her sexy eyes are so spiritual. You know it’s nothing to a trilla though. And you know that’s on the cool.

Faithfully she waits for him like the real ones really do. So gracefully she’s made for him. And one look is all it took with those incredible thighs and incredible eyes.Time don’t wait for love and life don’t wait for a break in the weather. It’s time for them to hook up. Get this thing together.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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