Review: Hardsequencer – Evolution EP

Hardsequencer – Evolution EP is an awesome mind blowing happy hardcore EP with a line of semi-distorted kicks played on a 4|4 time signature. The EP uses a mixture of hard trance and happy hardcore. Hardsequencer was at his best when this EP was released.

Harmony is a unique happy hardcore song because this happy hardcore song does not focus on the breakbeat at first as is the case with normal happy hardcore songs. This happy hardcore song focuses on the codes of hardcore techno first. The song focuses on the breakbeat second. The pitch shifts and key modulation fit with the pulsating hard trance chords, pads, and synths. Harmony is psychedelic meets pulsating hard trance. The keys are just sublime.

You Better Ask S-Body an extremely fast paced happy hardcore song played at/on a 4|4 time signature at what is possibly 160 BPM. You Better Ask S-Body has some oscillating synths, an ethereal angelic chorus, and crunched 16 bit synths. This song used a 0 pitch which made the tune engrossing and furious.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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