Die Hard With A Vengeance explained in a nutshell.

Die Hard With A Vengeance is one of those movies where the theme of the movie is senseless death and destruction. You have people running around bouncing all over the fucking place. You have people running from one subway station to another while the infrastructure of New York City crumbles and disintegrates under ground level.

One way to describe the movie is to call it an explosive action movie. However others call this movie an action comedy movie. Regardless of what people say, this movie is classified as an action movie with a mixture of comedy, adventure, and drama. However this movie is not too comedic and leans more towards action, adventure, and drama to say the least.

The whole movie is a deadly game of Simon Says with explosive explosions. Simon (Jeremy Irons) forces police officer John McClane (Bruce Willis) to play a deadly game of Simon Says. The criminal is in complete control of the situation which has everyone trapped in a state of panic naturally. Unsurprisingly he is one step ahead. People were running in all different directions. Everyone was taking cabs to escape the city. It’s amazing how a criminal can turn a child’s game into something dangerous. 

The movie captured the rough tough New York attitude in the pre-9/11 era in spite of the fact the World Trade Center was bombed 2 years prior to release date.

Samuel L. Jackson killed it with his acting as he does in every movie he has a lead role in. In fact both Bruce Willis, Jeremy Irons, and Samuel L. Jackson were killing it with their acting. Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis specifically stood out the most with the way they handled their acting.

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