Review: Vallejo – Rock Americano

Vallejo – Rock Americano was a compilation album released in 2005 to keep fans satisfied and hold them over until the Blood Is Thicker Than Water album was completed and ready to be released. Now this album has songs that were previously released on their albums pre-2008. Rock Americano was another one of their digital only releases that was a digital download to Amazon, Spotify, and their own website. The sounds of Latin rock meet alternative rock and hard edge rock.

Hola bienvenidos! This song is an invitation to the new Spanish Classico sound by Vallejo. So come on down and let Vallejo take you there into the new millennium. Latin meets rock music on Classico creating a Latin rock fusion. Live instrumentation accompanied the Latin rock song with Vallejo using a mix of the Spanish and English language on Classico. Classico was their hit single for 2000. The song was also included on their 1998 album Beautiful Life and 2000 album Into The New.

It was the Vallejo anthem of 2000 for the Vallejo band especially the Spanish version of this song which they would play at their live concerts in the early 2000s. Classico was a hit when Vallejo performed that song during their live concerts. Many fans instantly fell in love with that song afterwords.

Vallejo takes into the new and out with the old on the song Into The New. It’s into the new and out with the old for Vallejo on this song! What Vallejo did on this album was take us into the millennium with this new song.

Into The New beings with the old fashioned dialup sounds of a modem connecting to AOL which represents symbolism of taking us into the new millennium of the 2000s. The very beginning is symbolic. Vallejo rocked the world by taking us on their mission through a journey of Latin rock music. No matter what, Vallejo will surely take us there. Wherever they want to go.

Take A Ride has both elements of funk, rock, and blues a sultry feel to the latin rhythms. The song Take A Ride is the album’s intro. The party is on with Vallejo as they take a ride downtown. The acoustics and instrumentation are perfect.

Downtown has both elements of funk, rock, and blues with a sultry feel to the latin rhythms. The party is on with Vallejo as they take a ride downtown.

Rock Americano is a Latin rock crossover song by Vallejo. It’s one of those songs you will want to hear live. Rock Americano is another song that has the element of rock and funk with a sultry feel to the latin rhythms. Take notice of the percussion selection used. This song is just fun and you will love it!

Vices is a song that has a dark vibe and mood to it with a rock rhythm. Vices is an original composition written by the Vallejo band.

Just Another Day was an instant hit which caught fire on local radio station KLBJ in Texas and eventually the US. Texas fell in love with the song Just Another Day. Just Another Day is similar to the raw raunchy Latin rock sound of Santana. Just Another Day was the single that became an instant hit. Their first single Just Another Day reached #30 on the Billboard Alternative Rock charts.

Boogie Man is a hard rock song with all hard rock energy. You can feel the intensity and energy in style with this hard rock song. Boogie Man does get startling at times. Honestly Boogie Man should have became an instant hit for the Vallejo band.

The Vallejo band does an excellent job covering Wall of Voodoo – Mexican Radio on the track Mexican Radio. They use the sound of Latin rock to give the song a more modernized feel to it. It’s a mixture of Spanish rock and Latin rock. The sound is so fresh and updated! Mexican Radio is the highlight track and best track off of the album. This is the bonus track for the Stereo album.

I rate this album 4/5****.

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