Review: Jamie Berry – Frenzy

Frenzy by Jamie Berry is one of the more colorful electro swing albums from the United Kingdom. The album has a jazzy sound and touch with modernized electronic production. Ladies and gentlemen!Look at this amazing album!

Sophie Cinnamond wants her man to talk to her and get her heart back on track. That is the storyline of Walk With Me. You can feel that bass swipe through you as you listen to the song.

Sophie Cinnamond wants her man to talk to her. She asks her man, “Won’t you walk with me?” She also tells her man, “Talk with me. Feel that bass go swipe through me. Swing it now. Spring it back. Turn my heart right back on track.” Her man caught her eye on the side. She also tells him. “Steal the dance, go side to side. Now you know that we’re the show. Round and round and round we go! Walk with me. Talk with me. Feel that bass go swipe through me.

Heather tells the man who is going to love her that she is going to be there regardless of any outcome whether good or bad on Mind Games. She will keep holding on those memories of you and her.

Heather Melgram is the stranger in the night. She’ll be your love you won’t devise. She waits for you to understand. Heather will fall but she will stand.She will break but she will mend. Keep holding the memories. Playing with those mind games. Heather going to be there for you regardless of any outcome whether good or bad She waited for you to understand.

Georgia Thursting discusses how her man is pushing her to the edge of insanity with the song Bolder. Georgia Thursting has that soft sweet Southern soul rasp in her voice.

This man Georgia Thursting is dating is making himself out to be a saint. But she knows he ain’t no saint. What a way to distract her. He keeps on pulling her to the edge of insanity. What else can Georgia do? She is a little bit bolder with her man she is dating.

He keeps on confusing her brain which has got her jumpin’. Electricity has got her feelin’ so insane. She is kinda glad he tried. He got her thinkin’ this ain’t love but she is alive. He keeps on pulling her to the edge of insanity. Oh what humanity.

Emma Lea discusses how toxic her relationship with her man is on the song Devil In The Detail. You know. The old ball and chain relationship. He is the ball and chain that is holding her down and keeping herself back.

He’s got Emma feeling and almost believing that he is her old ball and chain. He’s got Emma screaming when I should be dreaming about stage lights and sipping champagne. Emma is through with him. She makes this message about how she through with him by telling him, “It’s over. I’m through with you. I paid my dues. Never been addicted as you.”

Emma’s limo is waiting on her to leave so she can board onto the plane for her flight. There’s no time for any debating. She is off to get fortune and fame. No rose-tinted glasses and moonlight dances can stop Emma from catching her plane.

Liberate is about wanting to escape because everyone needs need a change of scenery and needs a place to be. Electro swing songstress Alice Francis sings on the song with such grace and elegance despite the loud instrumentation overlapping her vocals.

Alice Francis here has a very important statement. It’s time to liberate. We need a change of scenery. We need a place where we can be free. Everyone needs a change of scenery and everyone needs a place where they can be free. Like Alice and Lizard. Her words and her bed. Her fiends in her head. They kind of freak Alice out. There ain’t no space. She needs a change of scenery and a place to be free. Let Alice drink from your sweet potion. She is not afraid. Take Alice to the great wide open. Follow the rabbit’s lead to the other side.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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