Review: MC Hammer – Funky Headhunter

Funky Headhunter by MC Hammer was a hilarious attempt to cash in on the gangsta rap era of the mid-1990s which is what MC Hammer did with this album when dropped the “MC” from his name. This album is a lot more aggressive and G-Funk oriented than his other releases. Now the album has some classic goodies such as Pumps and a Bump, Oaktown, and Somethin Bout the Goldie.

Hammer took a nostalgic trip down memory land on the song Oaktown. Hammer took a little trip down memory lane when brothers played nothing but the dope game. You’re bound to get jumped and smoked in a place called Oakland. Keep in mind whenever they go out to grind.

Hammer attempted to shed his pop friendly image with the more aggressive, sexually suggestive song Pumps and a Bump. This was his attempt to cash in on the gangsta rap trend of the 90s and the G-Funk era. He raps about how he likes girls with big asses with catchy repetitive chorus that goes, “Pumps and a bump, pumps and a bump/We like the girls with the pumps and a bump!” Some may interpret this as shots to MC Hammer.

Somethin Bout the Goldie in Me is one of the more calmer and less aggressive songs on this album which show off the conniving side of MC Hammer. He explains there is something about an Oakland mack and the goldie in him that likes money.

There is something about the goldie in Hammer. There is something about an Oakland mack. It makes an OG feel phat. Somethin bout the goldie in Hammer that makes him laugh at these wannabes because they been watching too much TV. Rambo and Clint Eastwood got ya trippin. Because most OGs are in the pen or fresh out.

Hammer called out critics, haters, and opposing rappers in these lyrics. He aimed those lyrics at those who specifically dissing him. Back in 1994, Hammer was catching a lot of flack and criticism for changing his style to cash in on gangsta rap era. Rappers such as LL Cool J, MC Serch, and Black Sheep were dissing MC Hammer.

And when I hear rappers like you call me wack
I laugh and just say over twenty million sold, Can you buy that?
Yeah, Fake rappers are surreal
You don’t hear me though, I thought ya knew
I’m a certified player, You see
Cause of the girls, The girls, They love me
And no matter what my critics say
They all know that I’m mackin this fame
Cause fools can’t recognize game
I refuse to be a wannabe
Somethin bout the goldie in me, Yeah

I rate this album 4/5****!

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