Review: YMC – Essentials

YMC – Essentials is an essential and quintessential piece of deep house that every fans of house music should own. A bit of acid jazz is used. Also nu jazz. The album is out of this world and will instantaneously blow you away. YMC’s sound is futuristic and ethereal. This is clearly some next level house music. You can expect to hear some top quality deep house production from the Swedish deep house duo YMC on this album. YMC is so underrated and an amazing overlooked deep house duo.

Shimmery keys and windy beats are make the track Last Hour stand out in such a beautiful manner with such perfection. Heavenly is one word that can be used to describe this song and that’s an understatement. Overall this song is incredibly deep. Fans call this YMC song a gorgeous house song.

Pheedback is a bit lo-fi for a YMC track but that’s just my opinion. The song will take you on a psychedelic journey. The delays on the piano are set at a perfect pace. Not too overdone.

Phuture Vibes has some futuristic vibes and sound hence the title. Quite similar to lounge music and dance music. Many YMC fans love the song Phuture Vibes. The song is played at a tempo of 124 BPM and is performed in G♭ major.

Bluesless has a sense of sadness for such an upbeat fast paced house song. The vocals fit in with the song perfectly. The lyrics are simple. Could this be my remedy? I was feeling bluesless. You’re allowed a part of me around him with a shark net.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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