Review: Jamie Berry – Light Up The Night

Jamie Berry – Light Up The Night is another one of the lesser known and obscure electro swing albums which hardly anyone knows about. Swing jazz meets nu jazz and big band on this Jamie Berry album. The virtuoso himself never fails to captivate audiences with his distinguished sounds.

Dance Dance uses chamber music and big band sounds over swing rhythms. Octavia Rose knows you’ve had the longest week because you can barely lift your feet and as you stumble along. You see a crazy place and they play a song. None of your cares exist in this place. Just escape. You know you can’t resist. You’ve become drunk to the thrill. Just step inside where time stands still. Dance until you drop. Dance to the grooves. The grooves don’t stop. Dance the night away. Give it all you’ve got. Spin, sway, dip, and twist. Tonight you belong in the bliss.

Charlie Stone is a jazzy electro swing song about a dancing man named Charlie Stone.

Where can Octavia Rose find herself a dancing man? She needs to meet a guy who moves his feet. Like he lives and breathes dancing in his seat. Where can she find herself a dancing man? If you see a guy with feet that fly, then tell him to come and find Octavia Rose by the end of the night.

She didn’t come down here to meet a guy stumbling by among to the feet. She don’t want some stiff old boy. Octavia wants a guy that will spin her right across the dance floor. Someone who just wants to have a good time. ‘Til the morning light. Octavia wants him to hold her e in his hands and make her feel the light. She wants to meet that dancing man tonight.

Octavia Rose wants you to hear the trumpets play on a song called The Trumpets.

If you’re feeling sad and blue. Come on down. We’ve got a show for you. Forget your work. Come out and play. Step inside and hear the music play. Let it wash right over you. Let you wanna let loose and move. Octavia Rose wants you to hear the trumpets play. Once you’re in, you don’t stand a chance. So just let go and do your dance.

When Octavia Rose hears that trumpet play. Her feet start tapping and her hips will sway. She can’t resist a little jive and twist. It feels like the music is going up her neck. People from around the town are queuing up just to hear that sound. Once you’re in, you don’t stand a chance. So just let go and do your dance.

A man who is dancing alone works his charm on Octavia Rose. They both end up dancing together. That is the synopsis of Boondoogle.

Octavia Rose walked into the room and saw this man there. She stole a little look, but he wouldn’t stop and stare. She passed this man by to another guy and danced about. The crowd gathered around and he acted like he didn’t care. Then their eyes finally meet. The look he gave was filled with so much heat. Suddenly he took Octavia in her arms. He knew how to work that charm on Octavia.

He said Octavia, “Won’t you be my baby? Oh, can I be your boy, baby? Oh, do you wanna be my baby? Tonight’s the night. Don’t just give me maybe. I’m begging you, baby!”

You can’t deny and can’t defy it. The way he moves. She just can’t fight it. Try to resist is a twist, They go ’round, and ’round. That’s just what Octavia is here for.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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