September 24, 2023

Beat Demons ‎– Ghetto Jazz is an abstract jazz album with a trip hop electronic sound. The sounds of electronic music, jazz, and hip hop all meet each other on this album. Think hip hop with a jazzy sound. Sadly this is not a full length album but rather an EP instead. Many people think Ghetto Jazz is a full album, but sadly that is not the case. Either way, Ghetto Jazz is an excellent release from the New Breed label. New Breed ruled jazz hop in the 90s. Alex Brofsky wrote all the music.

Desperado uses a jazzy trumpet ensemble to accompany the electronic sound and beats. A trumpet is used throughout the whole song. Desperado uses samples from the western film Desperado and the 1976 film Taxi Driver which can be heard at the beginning of this song.

Jazz Selecta uses the jazz hop sound from the 90s. The jazz hop sound can be found in the instrumental. A short rap is performed. Hip hop beats meet the sound of powerful jazz music.

The sounds of Mr. Feelgood are orgasmic. Orgasmic sounds with thick bass laced over hip hop samples and a jazz instrumental. Overall Mr. Feelgood is a sexually provocative song. In case you are wondering, the vocals say, “IMMA MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD!”

Smoked Out mixes the sounds of hip hop and jazz together. The chill sounds of downtempo jazz meet 90s hip hop. Mix 90s hip hop with jazz and you can’t go wrong. The thick bass blends in perfectly with the downtempo jazz. There is no need or reason to explain why Beat Demons decided to name this song Smoked Out. The whole song is pure fire!

Alex Brofsky wrote all the music and played all the instruments on Bushta. Yazeed rhymed on the hook for Bushta. Hip hop meets jazz on Bushta. The whole song is practically an instrumental.

Hip hop meets jazz on Nighttime. Nighttime is driven by soft silent keyboard synths. The song uses upright bass. The bass is what makes this composition dope. The repeated hook says, “Spark da ‘ism for da nitetime funk/For da nighttime bump”

I rate this album 4/5****!!

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