Review: DOOZY – Heavy Sugar

Heavy Sugar by DOOZY similar to gypsy jazz from the Depression era with a dash of popular music from the Depression Era. The album has love songs filled with romance such as All I Really Saw, Street Of Dreams, Absinthe, and Same Old Song. The album is filled with an eccentric instrumental soundscape. Her fondness for the music of the 1920s really shows on this album.

Johnny’s Come Out is about an introverted recluse named Johnny who has left his cave that is his man cave because he is getting ready to dance. The song discussed what the rare occasion was with Johnny coming outside.

Johnny has left his cave. He’s steppin’ out finally. He’s showered and used a comb. He’ll put on some pants and be ready to dance. As long as he gets to stay at home.Johnny’s come out, but not too far. Johnny’s come out to his backyard Life’s too short to stay inside. So Johnny’s come out tonight.

He’s so bold because he’s growin’ mold. He’s got cobwebs on his hinny. Johnny don’t usually leave his house. But Johnny’s coming out tonight. He’s dressed to kill and he’s feeling swell. He’ll venture out when there’s ice in hell. But fix him a drink and mix it well. And Johnny will come out tonight.

DOOZY tells how she likes her coffee and tells people not to mess with her coffee on the song called Don’t Mess With Joe. Joe is not a person but rather a cup of coffee.

DOOZY goes to get a cuppa coffee which tastes like caramel and toffee. She don’t know why you want to mess around with her cuppa joe. She just wants a plain old cuppa java Black and hot as molten lava. There’s no need to add a thing. Just bring it to her and she’ll go. Please pour it nice and slow. Don’t take away her morning mud.

Stop messin’ with her joe. Her coffee don’t need frills and fluff. Please pour it nice and slow. She don’t want Café Americano or double mocha macchiato. Just cut her a little slack and pour it black.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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