Review: Att Will – Do It Att Will

Att Will – Do It Att Will was one of the most overlooked Compton rap albums of 1993 did not get much recognition or exposure it deserved. The album is laced with hard G-Funk beats and sensuous rhythms. This is classic gangster music that can certified as gangsta rap. Many consider this album to be a classic. A majority of his debut album was produced by DJ Battlecat. However there were some songs that were produced by Lo-Down.

Hoe Hopper was the legendary rap song originally performed by Att Will. During the recording of the album “Do It Att Will”, Will played tracks for Dr. Dre, with Hoe Hopper being one of them. This resulted in Dre not only liking Will, but also the song. Will was then offered a contract at Death Row Records, but would turn it down. Dr. Dre would go on to record his own version of Hoe Hopper.

Att Will is on the mic to rap about the bitches. He’ll take them in a skirt or a dress. Att Will will find his easy access. He was a pussy hog. He done fucked so many hoes in bed ’til no flows. Don’t get mad if he wants to screw your best friend too. He’s got plenty of hoes. He don’t need all these bitches bleedin’ for the dickfeed. Att Will is not draggin’ just to get a piece because he is easily cocked. Pussy is mandatory. Bitches wanna jock for the fame and glory. If he sees a hoe he likes, then he will jock. But here’s a name Att Will goes by when he’s rolling around. The Hoe Hopper.

These are the most quotable and hilarious lyrics to the song.

Pussy is mandatory
Bitches wanna jock for the fame and glory
Pussy, monkey, moose, twat, cock or whatever
I know you like it ’cause my mouth is on your titty with snow
I wanna make you cum, so I real starts to flow it like the rhythm of my rhyme
All up in you like a jalapeño makin’ you sweat

Just Another Day In Compton chronicled every day life in Compton, California in a gangsta rap manner rapped by Att Will. This song was a classic that played in constant rotation in the Compton underground.

Att Will is peepin’ out the window as the brothers begin. It’s just another day in the hub in the city of Compton, California. It’s time to make some ends. He is wiping the shit out his eyes. He opens up the closet door. His gear is on the racks and all his shoes are on the floor. Att Will believes in lookin’ nice and dougie makin’ the ladies wanna hug him. So he’s not rolling around Compton like a thug because niggas kill you for a dress code. Those are the niggas stuck in stupid mode.

Att Will is always wondering when he leave, will he make it home? But you can’t always worry. So he gets dressed in a hurry. Because life wouldn’t be the same without a little bit of danger to keep it bumpin’. It’s just another day in Compton.

Att Will heads outside because it’s time to go. He sees his niggas on the corner Greenleaf and Cuzco (East Greenleaf Boulevard and South Cuzco Avenue). Then next place he goes to is at Big Time Liquor Store at 1516 South Long Beach Boulevard. He grabs himself a couple of brews from Big Time Liquor Store. Then he macks into a hoe and grabs her a brew just like that because she’s a hood rat. He’s gotta go because a tossup ain’t his type. She’s a hype.

It’s Saturday. Att Will calls his homie and asks “What’s the haps?” He said, “I’m on Spruce by my mom’s house shooting craps.” Att Will says, “I’m on my way. I’m crossing the Willowbrook tracks past the big white Compton Court Building and I just might hit a left to Indigo and grab another sack.”

Att Will is crossing the Willowbrook tracks at South Willowbrook Avenue past the big white Compton Court Building and. South Acacia Avenue (Acacia Blocc) is kinda hot with the law. So Att Will busts back through town down Alondra Boulevard until it hits South Wilmington Avenue. It’s almost 2 PM and he ain’t fired up his weed yet.

Att Will got fools hittin’ him up like they don’t know him. But he was like that, too, with nothin’ better to do than drink a brew and roll around with the gangsta crew. So he ignored the straight flowin’ past the ponz. Then he crossed Alondra Boulevard rolling past the Wilmington Arms. That’s when he wondered how these brothers sit around in the city doin’ nothin’. It’s just another day in Compton.

He picked up Lo-Down. Dancing niggas are about to throw down over a bitch looking tossed up and towed down. So he jumps in. But first Att Will has gotta hit Speed’s house and get his gat. He’s rolling past a park. Niggas are shooting dice and playing ball. And ain’t no writing on the walls.

So they stop and check out his nigga Speed. They ended up playing domino’s, calling hoes, and smoking weed. But just then Att Will got a page from a friend. There’s a party at the Compton Ramada and they are all invited.

Att Will said, “We’ll be there.” But they need something to wear. They can’t hit the Compton Swap Meet because the whole party’s there. So they jet to the mall to get some gear and get dressed by nine with rump shakers on the mind.
They arrive at the destination at 10 PM. Lo-Down is drinking 750 IL gin. They see a crowd of hoes. So they know it’s on with the hoe hoppin’ and panty droppin’. They get inside the bar where they see his nigga Jinx. It’s time to mack. The party’s on.

Next thing you know it’s time to go because the night is gone. It’s funny how time flies when you’re having fun. There wasn’t a strap and nobody pulled out a gun. Another day in Compton, yo.

Show ‘Em How It’s Done is a hard ass gritty gangsta rap song which has some fonky ass flow. Nothing can beat 90s rap. This song has one of the best hardcore beats of 1993. Att Will shows them how it’s done of this song.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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