Review: Mack Daddy Ju – Mack Daddy Ju

Mack Daddy Ju – Mack Daddy Ju is one of the lesser known smoother Memphis rap tapes of 1995 which hardly got any notice. DJ Squeeky’s smooth melodies and beats are what made this album sound so perfect. Notice how the beats on/in this tape are super chill compared to a lot of other Memphis rap tapes. No other album was comparative to this album. This is some underground Memphis shit.

My Head Is Spinnin is a classic rap junt which solidified Mack Daddy Ju’s credibility as a rapper and lyricist. This song was used as the buzz single to promote his album. Not many people know this but Lil Sko’s voice was used on the hook and not Mack Daddy Ju’s voice.

Mack Daddy Ju uses some clever rhyming techniques with these lyrics. “I’m Mack Daddy Ju, feeling loose/When I’m full of indo, head be spinning like Beetlejuice/I’m a project born, psychopathic lunatic from Tennessee”, “Full of herb/Im disturbed/Pull out a nice fat sack”, and “I’m about to graduate when I bust my nuts/When I get some cap and gown”

The song was known for using a memorable repetitive chorus with lyrics which went as follows:

My head is spinnin’, from smokin’ the chicken, the bass is kickin’
My head is kickin’, from smokin’ the chicken, the bass is spinnin’
My head is chicken’, from spinnin’ the kickin’, the bass is smokin’
My head is spinnin’, from spinnin’ the chicken, the ass is kickin’
My head is bassin’, from chickin’ the spinnin’, the bass is kickin’
My bass is kickin’, from headin’ the chicken, in kick the bassin’
My head is spinnin’

That buzz bud’s good stuff. Mack Daddy Ju doesn’t think he can get enough. Insane is how he felt laying on the couch with a blunt in his mouth smoking on a pound. He is so high to the point where he can’t feel his feet. He is paranoid. Everybody’s looking at Mack Daddy Ju talking to himself in public.

He went to the club and found a hoe that’s really stout. Then he goes to get a room. He’s about to graduate when he busts his nuts. Next he went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. He is scared because his eyes are bloodshot red. Mack Daddy Ju is feeling loose. When he is full of indo, his head be spinning like Beetlejuice. That is why he is coming out disturbed as fuck.

Mack Daddy Ju is a project born psychopathic lunatic from the Red Oak neighborhood of Memphis, Tennessee Don’t you fuck with him. You know you can’t cope when he is full of that dope. He’ll peel yo cap and leave yo ass on the curb. Can’t no one explain how that bud fucks with his brain. Now he is getting dizzy because his head is spinning from smoking that chicken (smoking that hay).

Mack Daddy Ju, Zirk, Kilo G, Criminal Manne, and DJ Squeeky are smoking blunts and having fun at the club. High from bud. Drownin in some yac. A nigga like Mack Daddy Ju still gets high off that chronic junt. People hate him when he is full of fuckin skunk.

DJ Squeeky went crazy and was killing it with them horns on Buckwild, Ghetto Child. Those horns DJ Squeeky used were from the song MC Twist – I Like It Loud and DJ Squeeky – Everlasting Bass.

Don’t Fuck With Me is the Scarface inspired junt. The junt has that Scarface movie feel with that heavy bass and heavy drums. Samples from the 1981 Scarface movie are played throughout the junt. One of the tougher gangsta rap junts on the album.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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