Review: MINSEO (민서) – Is Who

MINSEO (민서) – Is Who is one of the lesser known jazz singles from the Korean Peninsula (particularly South Korea) that has gotten overlooked and overshadowed. Her music is what is needed in K-Pop. These songs are sensual love songs with real feelings and emotions. Is Who and 멋진 꿈 (The Grand Dreams) are the highlights of the single.

Is Who is about MINSEO needing some who will be her first love that will wipe away her tears. Giving others is more regrettable. She is just too good to curse. To be truthful, it’s a little annoying. But something is missing a bit.

The Grand Dreams is about the wonderful grand dreams MINSEO has been having in her sleep. Mainly about a man she loves. The song is beautiful like a fairy tale. MINSEO had such a wonderful dream but she can’t tell anyone. She has seen it since that day. Only one space between her and the man she loves. It’s empty but the space that blocks her. There are many meanings in this strange gap that she can’t see. She tries to get over it. She hope there are no cloudy days in front of the two of them. It may not be just her imagination. Their love will leave an afterglow like a movie.

I rate this single 5/5*****!!

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