Review: Azealia Banks – Icy Colors Change

Icy Colors Change is the first Christmas holiday project from Manhattan/Bronx pop star and rapper Azealia Banks. The EP was released on December 20, 2018 by eOne Music as a digital EP. The recording process for this EP lasted from December 2017 to December 2018. Azealia Banks gives the holidays a breath of fresh air by releasing this digital EP with a few Christmas related songs.

Azealia Banks plans to release all of the songs included on the EP to her upcoming Christmas album later in December 2019. All songs are expected to be fully mixed and mastered on vinyl next Christmas. For now, Azlealia states her Christmas album as a “work in progress as a part of a full holiday project”.

Icy Colors Change was released in December 26, 2017 as a digital single. This song of hers was included on her Christmas holiday EP due to the widespread coverage of the title track itself. She wrote this song to spread holiday joy. This song is an original Christmas song written by her. Icy Colors Change samples Lone – Airglow Fires. This song is appropriate for the happy holidays.

Icy Colors Change is where Azealia Banks sings and raps about a relationship forming over the holidays.
The song begins off slowly as Azealia sings, “I see colors changing/Every holiday is amazing with you/Happy holidays to you, baby.” A minute into the track is where Azealia starts rapping. This is where the energy builds.
“This that flow you been missing/Dashing young Vixen/Fly like Blitzen, back on my business/Ice on my neck, frosty and vicious/What’s on your wish list?”

The changing of seasons is represented through the changing of colors which is inevitable. This is exactly how the changes followed Azealia’s love throughout the whole year.

The changing of seasons is represented through the changing of colors that’s inseparable, and how it followed. She also does a play on words with the homophone of “icy” and “I see”. This is hinted in the first line during the intro.: “I see colors changing/Every holiday is amazing with you/Happy holidays to you, baby.” When the leaves fall, icy colors change.

Azelia wants to spend the winter holidays together with her lover because they’re so in love. She and the lover grew close during the quick passage of time through 3 seasons.

She anticipates the first fresh blade of green and young blue hydrangea all alone. Pink rhododendrons will all be gone by June. But now that we have grown so near beneath the August sun. She says to the lover of hers, “let’s catch some shade beneath the fading trees/Of all the seasons jewels, it took/One autumn afternoon to fall in love with you” She asks, “How do you feel about the pale moon and stars above?”

When Azealia sings “I whip that Benz like “what a slay” ” she treats and refers to her butter beige Mercedes Benz as if it where the slay you would see Santa Claus use or children play on.

Azealia compares picking out the Christmas tree to picking weed in Amsterdam when singing “We pick out the tree like Amsterdam, damn” Amsterdam is infamously known for its laid back weed policies and weed cafes.

Azealia gets fly like Blitzen as she shows off how cool her style is. She gets busy like the reindeer who soar on Christmas Eve. Her attractive flair is evident in her sense of fashion as Azealia herself is a beautiful, feisty woman. She, herself, is a young vixen with an attractive flair. This is evident at the end of the second verse. Read a portion of the lyrics below.:

Got what you want, my love is like Christmas
Candles, kisses, diamonds, frigid, fashion district
Sip this witches brew, first class ticket to you
Fantasies come true when I kick it with you
In the winter wonderland when you hold my hand
Came back on the block where the guns go blam

Her lover is the same old sweet person she knows. She sees her lover through her rosy colored shades. Azealia needs love.

The third verse is where her and the lover get naughty at a party. You could feel it in the air if you were there. This is indicated when she raps “See lights in the night/Party over here, we getting naughty over here” They kiss each other on the lips under a mistletoe. Now they are in love and are constantly hitting each other on their cellphones.

They are at home during the outro. What sort of déjà vu’s lays upon them? Wood blocks of A-B-C strewn through the hall and gold champagne for two adorers. Red garland drapes the tree.

She knows their love will grow farther. This is referenced when she sings, “Our love will grow and take us farther” and “Now I’ve a reverie of you and/You’re a ray, a view of sun/A star ablaze the moonlit water” Their love will grow farther instead of further.

Azealia feels the soul connection of true love when she sings “When your arms are ’round my waist, I feel the world” and “A song to celebrate our love.” She knows the love is true love.

What Are You Doing New Years Eve? is a rendition of Ella Fitzgerald – What Are You Doing New Years Eve?. This song was most famously performed by Ella Fitzgerald.

Azealia wonders what will when the bells all ring and the horns all blow. This is evident when she sings, “Will I be with you or will I be among the missing?” She is aware of the couples she knows are fondly kissing. Maybe it’s much too early in the game. She asks her lover, “What are you doing New Year’s, New Year’s Eve?”

She wonders whose arms will hold her lover good and tight when it’s exactly twelve o’clock that night. Maybe she’s crazy to suppose she would ever be the one you chose out of the thousand invitations you received.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is a cover of Judy Garland – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas originally performed the 1944 movie Meet Me in St. Louis.

Sleigh Bells (Indie Rock Demo) is the bonus song to her Christmas holiday EP. It was only released in digital format. A touch of indie rock used on this Christmas song. The song can be described as a distorted, lo-fi indie punk rock cover of Sleigh Bells. Just hear those sleigh bells. Giddy-up, giddy-up, giddy-up!

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

Review: Rich Homie Quan – The Gif

Rich Homie Quan gave us the gift of goin in forever with his 2018 digital EP called The Gif. This release is the gift that keeps on giving online. He proves he hasn’t lost his step and still has fire bars with them verses of his. This release uses a mixture of trap beats and drill beats simultaneously.

Cash On Me is about how Quan can’t talk to this girl will all this cash on him. It’s hard to talk with all this cash on him.

Shawty wanna know what’s happenin. Shawty got a little bit of ass on her. This shawty got a brand new Gucci bag on her. She walks in the club with the racks on her. Quan can’t even talk with the cash on him. It’s hard to talk with all this cash on him.

Quan can count a million dollars in one hand. He ain’t bragging. She like bitches. Quan likes bitches too. She likes money. He likes money. Hard to talk with all this cash. Don’t worry about his money or his business, okay? Don’t worry about your bitch coming home tonight. She gone be okay. Tell them folks the business. Okay?

Rich Homie Quan has got too much money in the safe. That’s how full his safe is. He keeps it real. He ain’t with the bullshit. Still putting money in the wall for nothing. Or in this case still putting money in the wall for anything. He’s not scared to bust his pistols out if necessary. He has a need for speed. That is why he is on auto start. Quan is in that section where them rich people be.

Rich Homie Quan attempts to get his thoughts straight while sipping on hard liquor with the song Thoughts Str8.

Rich Homie Quan is sipping hard liquor to get his thoughts straight. The road is blocked. So he is jumping fences when the cops chase him. He’s got cognac in his cup. Coincidentally he doesn’t know how scotch tastes. Quan is grinding by getting money nightfall to morning while touring.

He looks at himself in the mirror and said, “That money won’t change.” Quan is trying to purchase a bigger house so there would be no more complaining. His money is good and his lawyer is straight. If a nigga disrespect Quan then he might not be breathing.

However there are a lot of red flags around him and everybody else. They know he got it out the streets. He wrote his name in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Still fighting those demons when he goes to sleep. He gets closed off when he smokes that weed. If he would’ve kept popping molly, he would be throwed off.

It’s hard to realize what Quan has been going through lately. His girl stayed down through all the controversy with him regardless of the outcome for both of them in any run. People are throwing shade at Quan for his profession. He ain’t worrying about what they are saying or what they are doing. He has sacrificed way too much just to lose it all. Run up on hi and he’ll let that ruger blow you away.

Quan discusses how he is fighting his own personal inner demons on the song called Skeletons with Boosie Badazz. Rich Homie Quan has got some skeletons he is afraid to bring out.

I’d be lying if I told y’all Rich Homie Quan ain’t have feelings no more. You know what I’m sayin’? I feel all this shit, nigga.

Rich Homie Quan has got some skeletons which he is afraid to bring out. He has got some secrets he can’t tell you. Secrets that are on his mind. He told his mama no more cryin’. Her oldest son is going to make her proud. She said, “Son, go get that money. Don’t let them leeching niggas around you. You need someone to have your back” Especially when it all gets bad. He might stuff his problems in this blunt. Loyalty is deeper than words. You got his back. He got your front.

Rich Homie Quan is at Magic on a Monday just minding his business. He gets something to eat from the kitchen. He ain’t got time for no bitches. It didn’t take long to get up here because he was flyin’ in a Bentley. The DJ played all his new shit. Quan had to slide him a $50 dollar bill which was obligatory. Shit ain’t how it used to be. It certainly feels like Quan is growin’ too fast. He bought everything he ever wanted because he was broke in the past. Watchin’ the dope boys run it up. They gave him hope in the past. They turned that dope into cash. He ain’t worried about none of you busters. I can’t joke when they playin’.

Boosie Badazz got some skeletons up in his closet. He don’t like to talk about it. He is afraid that he might get stalked about the skeletons up in his closet. He’s got so many hoes and so many Rolexes. Not to mention baby mama drama. He is lit off Cali shit. He needs someone to have a nigga’s back. So he be with them cats that he knew before the rap. They gonna protect Boosie Badazz like Obama. Man they got a nigga’s back.

Quan sped up his flow in an unorthodox manner on Covered in Shit. He keeps getting better and better with each track. Ironically and humorously, Covered in Shit is one of the hottest tracks on the album by the standards of Rich Homie Quan fans.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!

Review: Vengaboys – Where Did My Xmas Tree Go?

Where Did My Xmas Tree Go? is the Vengaboys first Christmas album with remixes of their previous hit songs repacked as Christmas oriented remixes. Ironically and coincidentally Where Did My Xmas Tree Go? is the only new song on the album minus Kiss (When the Sun Don’t Shine) (Treësto vs. Tr3hab Remix).

The song and title track Where Did My Xmas Tree Go? is first Christmas song by the Vengaboys. The song has a dancehall sound, feeling, and vibe due to the instrumentation. Dubs are used within bass. The Vengaboys wake up to find out their Xmas tree has gone missing. Xmas will never be the same.

The Vengaboys woke up this morning to discover all their friends were gone. All because they didn’t get to eat. The Vengaboys are now on their own. But they don’t care because she will party on. They do it every Christmas time.

Kim woke up this morning to discover all her friends were gone. Now since Kim lost it all, she is on her own. Denise woke up this morning and to discover her man was gone. All because he didn’t get any cash. But Denise doesn’t care because she will party on. So she put all his clothes in the trash. Ouch. Wicked burn. They both ask, “Where did my Christmas tree go? Where did it go?”

Kim woke up this morning and her garden was green. Her Uncle John just passed away. He left her a magical bean to plant in her garden. Now the good times have come here to stay.

Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom (Snowtek Mix) is a bell oriented mix of their 1999 dance floor hit Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom. There are jingle bells all over the place.

The song Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom! is most notable for its catchy phrase “Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, I want you in my room” and innocent lyrics. The song was a non-raunchy love song. Sure enough, their lyrics are what made the song a certified party hit. Old school Atari-esque blips are layered over new school electronic dance music.

Vengaboys are back in town! You hear that correctly. They’ve come back with another hit which is a love song this time around. If you’re alone and you need a friend, someone to make you forget your problems, then this song is just what you need.

These lyrics are what this song an innocent love song.

If you’re alone and you need a friend
Someone to make you forget your problems
Just come along baby, take my hand
I’ll be your lover tonight

Whoaa whoaa
This is what I wanna do
Whoaa whoaa
Let’s have some fun
Whoaa whoaa
One on one just me and you
Whoaa whoaa

Boom boom boom boom
I want you in my room
we’ll spend the night together
From now until forever
Boom boom boom boom
I wanna go boom boom
And spend the night together
Together in my room

Kiss (When The Sun Don’t Shine) (Treësto vs. Tr3hab Remix) is high quality DJ Tiësto remix of their hit Kiss (When The Sun Don’t Shine) which uses a hint of dubstep, gabber, and hard house.

Every Friday her head is spinning round and round. She has been workin’ all week long. So she takes a trip downtown to her favorite club. That’s when she sees him with loving arms to fall into. However this girl is not looking for full-time love. There is still so much she wants to achieve. She only kisses when the sun don’t shine. The girl tells the boy, “You wanna kiss? Then tonight is fine.”

She can live without full-time love because that is not what’s on her mind now. Freedom is what she’s thinking of that is what she values and cherishes. She ain’t got the time for that now. Full-time loving is not what’s on her mind at all. Straight out of the blue, the boy came to her and asked her to be her date in the daytime. The girl turns his request to be his date down. She tells him, “I am sorry. No can do.”

The Merry Corsten Xmix of Shalala Lala is a Vengaboys love song laced with repetitive lyrics over catchy synths, beats, and jingle bells this time. The song follows a Euro dance rhythm over popish chords.

There’s a boy in a girl’s mind and he knows. She is thinking of him day and night. The stars shine above me. He’s been gone for some time. But he knows she truly loves him. She is singing this song hoping he’ll be back when he hears it. No one knows exactly when he’ll return.

If your love has gone away just like hers, you’ll feel like crying. Sing along maybe once or twice. Let’s try it together. Listen to your heart as it is singing.

These are the annoying, repetitive but catchy lyrics to the chorus. You can obviously tell this song was written in the 00s due to its catchy pop lyrics.

My heart goes shalala lala
Shalala in the morning
Shalala lala
Shalala in the sunshine
Shalala lala
Shalala in the evening
Shalala lala
Shalala lala just for you

We’re Going To Ibiza! (Armin Van Blizzard Mix) is a Caribbean reggae styled sing-a-long party banger fill with fun and good times. Here this song follows a relaxing reggae dancehall ska sound and vibe. The song revolves around Kim taking a vacation to the island of Ibiza. She has to break free from the monotony of her life as a bus driver. However after experiencing paradise, she plans on staying on the island of Ibiza forever.

Hello Party People! This is Captain Kim speaking. Welcome aboard Venga Airways. After take off will pump up the sound system cause we’re going to Ibiza!

Kim doesn’t want to be a bus driver all her life. So she is going to pack her bags and leave this town.
She will grab a flight to fly away on Venga Airways. She has planned a vacation to Ibiza which is an island in the Mediterranean Sea. The plane flies away high in to the Ibiza sky. Kim looks up at the sky and sees the clouds. She looked down at the ground and saw the rainbow down the drain. She is going back to the island of Ibiza. That is where the Vengaboys are. The Vengaboys are gonna have a party in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s really very nice to be at Ibiza.

Thank You for flying Venga Airways. We are now approaching Ibiza Airport. As you can see the sky is blue and the beach is waiting for you.

Now lyrics to the chorus should have been written and chanted in this manner.

Whoah! We’re going to Ibiza
Whoah! Back to the island
Whoah! We’re gonna have a party
Whoah! In the Mediterranean Sea

Whoah! We’re going to Ibiza
Whoah! Back to the island
Whoah! We’re gonna have a party
Whoah! In the Mediterranean Sea
Whoah! We’re gonna have a good time

Whoah! We’re going to Ibiza
Whoah! Back to the island
Whoah! We’re gonna have a party
Whoah! We’re gonna have a good time

I rate this album 3/5***!