Review: Magic – On My Own

Magic – On My Own was ex-No Limit rapper Magic’s first album after leaving No Limit Records for a lack of attention and low album sales. This was Magic’s first attempt at paving his own success which did not work out for him at the end because the album charted at #97 on the BillBoard Charts and later fell down to #197 as some sources claim. Him leaving No Limit only worked for so long. But nevertheless Magic – On My Own is a solid decent effort. Magic is sick. You could feel the heat in the flow of his.

You can still feel the vibrance from his all out wild and eccentric personality and persona based on how he carries himself. You have your rough aggressive club anthems such as Tear it Up and Wilyn’. These are the songs of his that have such a vibrant and aggressive presence on the album.

Tear it Up was the all out wild and aggressive club anthem on the album that emulated the style of Bone Crusher, Fiend, and Three 6 Mafia.

Magic is popping pistols at random. When the smoke clears, he’ll be the only nigga standing. He won’t leave a witness. You don’t see the killa in his eyes with this fire arm sitting on his side? Magic has been patiently waiting for a victim to step out of the crowd. So he could prove why people label him wild.

This for my gangsta ass niggas in the club. Throw up your set, if you a mo’fucking thug. You got a thug nigga wit ya. I’m hoping you get the picture. We could tear this mo’fucking club up.

Magic is sick. You could feel the heat in the flow of his. You see the crowd start bucking. Magic ain’t the one you should beef with. He’s a 9th Ward nigga and that ain’t no secret. He’s used to capping the hood.

9th Ward was a song about his neighborhood known as 9th Ward which is located in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Magic is from the 9th Ward. He has been there since the day he was born. I bet you won’t follow him across that canal where his niggas dwell. Every nigga down there remembers Magic. Nothin’ really changed but his gold teeth. He is still that same nigga from Flood Street. Flood Street is a well known street in New Orleans that was once known for drugs, crime, and poverty.

Only difference now is that he don’t sell dope no mo’ because he is performing in shows. Shakin’ off hoes and smoking on optimos. No matter millions or which ever the situation might come. He is ’bout them motherfucking thangs.

Magic shows us that he has not lost touch with his 9th Ward roots and has not forgotten where he came from with these lyrics.

You know you could take the nigga out the nine
But you can’t take the nine out of nigga
Pulling capers is my nature
I’m addicted to making paper
Got my own way of living
Bitch I’m from the C-T-C
Where niggas roam around looking for beef
Killing for free
I take this ward shit to heart
It’s tated on my arm
So me and my niggas never part
I keep you niggas in my mind
For every clucker that I serve
For every nigga that I shot
For every tourist that I robbed
To every god damn rock
For every cop that done chased me
To the bitches that hate me
What have you done for me lately
For every neighbor that was peeking at four o’clock in da morn
It never helped to lock me up
You could’ve left me alone
We learned to improvise on my block
Never had a ball
We played football wit’ a concrete rock
Now picture that
I could never forget my mission
I’m a turn the nine into something bigger that yo’ vision
Before I’m done the world’ll scream

CTC stands for Cross That Canal and is reference to the Lower and Upper parts of the Ninth being separated by a bridge called Judge Seeber (now known as the Claiborne Bridge) in one area and The St. Claude Bridge.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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