Review: Zambian Acapella – from Africa with love

Zambian Acapella – from Africa with love is a beautiful African Acapella album with lovely harmonies and melodies from the country of Zambia. The album has divine songs. For example, Standing Upon The Mountain is about divine judgement day and Soon And Very Soon is about seeing the King.

Jesus Loves Me uses a mixture of both the English language and some Zambian language. Of course being Zambian Acappella, this song is a religious song. Jesus Loves Me can be described as a divine harmonious song.

Hallujeh Amen is a religious Zambian song worshiping religious praise in the name of the Lord. Zambian Acappella rejoices to sing a harmonious song in divine such as this one called Hallujeh Amen. Hallujeh Amen can be described as a divine harmonious song.

Standing Upon The Mountain is about divine judgement day. Standing on the mountain. I didn’t come here for a stay. If I’ll never more see you again. I’m gonna meet you on the Judgement Day. When the last trump of God shall sound. All the dead in Christ shall rise to be caught up together in the sky. Then those who are still alive will be caught up in the sky to meet the Lord in the sky.

This Great Multitude explains how we as humans are headed for a great place. This great multitude which has gathered in the name of Jehovah was brought through the blood of our Savior Jesus Christ. We are on a journey bound for Zion. Zion is the beautiful city of God. Come on everybody. Let’s enter the city of Zion.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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