Review: Bajka – In Wonderland

Bajka – In Wonderland is a beautiful Indian jazz album from the Asian country of India. All of her songs on the album are very poetic as they have a poetic vibe and sound to them. Not to mention her calm demeanor and timbre in her vocals. Kind of like acid jazz.

The Landing tells the story of a bellman who is forgetful and often leaves important things behind.

There was one who was famed for the number of things. The bellman forgot when he entered the ship. He forgot all his jewels and rings. He forgot his umbrella, his watch, and the clothes he had bought for the trip. He had 42 boxes all carefully packed with his name painted clearly on each box. But since he omitted to mention the fact they were all left behind on the beach.

The Bellman would often remark, “His form is ungainly — his intellect small —” “But his courage is perfect! And that, after all is the thing that one needs with a Snark. but his courage is perfect! And that is the thing that one needs with a Snark.”

The loss of his clothes hardly mattered because he had 7 coats on when he came with 3 pairs of boots. But the worst of it was he had wholly forgotten his name. He would answer to “Hi!” or to any loud cry such as “Fry me!” or “Fritter my wig!” to “What-you-may-call-um!” or “What-was-his-name!” But especially “Thing-um-a-jig!” While for those who preferred a more forcible word. He had different names from these. His intimate friends called him “Candle-ends” and his enemies “Toasted-cheese”. The bellman came as a baker to that ship. It drove the poor Bellman half-mad because he could only bake Bridecake for which no materials were to be had.

The Bellman’s Speech is a more poetic acid jazz song where Bajka uses her skillful poetry from her poetry skills. The Bellman’s Speech discusses the unmistakable marks made by the bellman.

The first is the taste which is meagre and hollow, but crisp: Like a coat that is rather too tight in the waist with a flavour of Will-o’-the-wisp. The bellman had sailed for many days and weeks on a ship. The third is its slowness in taking a jest should you happen to venture on one.It will sigh like a thing that is deeply distressed.And it always looks grave at a pun. The fourth is its fondness for bathing-machines which it constantly carries about and believes that they add to the beauty of scenes. A sentiment open to doubt.

It’s the habit of getting up late you’ll agree that it carries too far when I say that it frequently breakfasts at five-o’clock tea and dines on the following day.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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