Review: MC PEACE – A Day In The Life

MC PEACE – A Day In The Life is where conscious hip hop meet the sounds of spoken word poetry. This album was much different from your typical rap album from the 90s as this album had songs filled with positivity such as Respect Her and A Day In The Life. The album shows political consciousness and social awareness on songs such as Knight For The Cause and Equaliphobia. This album highlights the wisdom and knowledge MC PEACE raps about.

This album was recorded at Silver Sun Studios in Flint, Michigan in 1992. The album was released on cassette only in the year of 1992. Design and artwork was done in a grayscale format by Disc Makers.

MC PEACE – A Day In The Life is a long lost forgotten album from Flint rap and from the 90s that was overlooked by the likes of The Dayton Family, MC Breed, Top Authority, DFC, Jake The Flake, Bootleg, and Shoestring. Gangsta rap and pop rap were on the rise at the time leaving conscious hip hop to become overlooked.

(MC PEACE is actually from Detroit but lived in Flint for a while.)

Respect Her is about how men should respect women and treat them in the best way possible. This rap song was much different from the misogynistic gangsta rap songs of the 90s because this rap song is about how men should respect women. Respect Her is a breath of fresh air from the usual misogynist rap songs.

The song Respect Her can also be found on his full length debut album from 1993 called Whispers From The Ghetto.

Respect Her starts off with 80’s styled electric bass synths. A voice can be heard whispering in the background. The beat quickly picks up. MC Peace tells men to respect women and to treat them in the best way possible. By simply cashing for her and showing her love is a way to respect her.

However women sometimes rebel against men respecting them by putting up a challenge. Communication backed up by true understanding is the solution to a relationship that is so demanding. Remember, patience is a virtue. That will hurt you if you forget MC Peace’s advice.

Don’t disrespect her by talking to other females on the phone. She is your best friend as she has always been through thick and thin with you. Romantic evenings and soft music should be a way of life for the one who treats you right. Be her fire and whatever else her heart desires. She will go on to admire another man if you don’t pay attention to her.

Wisdom and knowledge are keys to a strong romance. Respect and love are virtues your should give a chance for.

The last part of this rap song is strictly for women only. Forgiveness is a quality you have to have when you accept apologies. Compromise is the way to end a broken heart. If your man is too far gone, then it’s time to make a fresh start. A sense of hope is something that will make you strive and thrive.

A Day In The Life is a song which MC PEACE raps about the social and political problems the world was facing back in the 90s. The song fit in well with the political climate of the 1990s. The song is still relevant especially in todays times.

Knight For The Cause is an upbeat rap song filled with political consciousness and social awareness. MC PEACE educates the public why they should be down for the cause. You have to ear your right to be a knight for the cause. He rallies for support throughout the song.

Equaliphobia deals with combating the issues of equality and xenophobia.

PEACE Made of Stone is a song which deals MC PEACE’s deadly escapade when walking home from work in the snow. The song also deals with workplace drama and the struggles of being employed. There are risks you take when you work for somebody. The boss and managers are the ones controlling the machine of your employment. MC PEACE tells his story on PEACE Made of Stone.

PEACE Made of Stone can also be found on his full length debut album from 1993 called Whispers From The Ghetto.

The story started once upon a time. It was 1 AM at night at his workplace. Everybody, except MC Peace and 3 other people, had already left work. They had just finished closing up. MC PEACE called someone over the phone to pick him up so he can go home. The manager fronted him. She asked him if was going to able to make it home. He tells the manager yes. On his way out the door is when he realized it was snowing. The blizzard had gotten worse.

Nobody was there to offer him a ride home. They were heartless. After an hour, MC PEACE realized he had more to walk. Temperature outside was -7ºF below. The right side of his face was frozen from the cold weather. A feeling of failure came over him. The though of heat motivated him to keep walking in the snow.

MC PEACE seems 3 people inside of parked Corvette. The Corvette begins to follow MC PEACE. The car passed of ahead and made a u-turn. In less than 3 seconds, the car is parked. One of the 3 people is right by his side. His heart continued to beat at a rapid pace. One of them put a gun up to his face. Out of the corner of his eye is where he sees two more cars coming. MC PEACE has no chance of running in the snow. Somebody hit MC PEACE hard but he did not feel the hit. He fell onto the ground.

He starts taking off his leather coat. They took all the money from his pockets. He would have been glad if all they took was his money. But instead they stayed around to beat him without a doubt. One of them hit his head with a blunt object. They left him with an empty bag of clothes of what he had on. MC PEACE woke up on a different street from where he was knocked unconscious. All he had on was slacks and a shirt.

He makes it home miraculously. His brother came to him and could not believe what he saw through the sight of his own eyes. His brother took him into the bathroom. MC PEACE stares into the mirror only to start crying because the pain is much clearer. There were cuts and bruises all over his face. He felt like a disgrace.

His brother calls up 2 of his friends to take MC PEACE to the hospital. The doctor told him he would be okay if rested for a day or two. The doctor gave him antibodies for his face. Whatever pain MC PEACE was feeling would soon be gone.

The message of this song is MC PEACE is made of stone and will heal quickly. That is if he seeks proper medical treatment.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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