Review: Renaizzance – The Rebirth of Soul

The Rebirth of Soul album is a renaissance and rebirth of R&B/soul music. The trio called Renaizzance gives R&B/soul music a revival of both new school neo-soul sounds and retro old school soul sounds. Renaizzance does get deep and delves into the retro soul sound. In fact the front cover has a retro artwork design of the R&B trio on stage in front of an audience. This album is one of the many lost albums of 90s R&B/soul music many music fans and listeners overlooked.

The R&B trio Renaizzance from Cincinnati, Ohio released an album called Rebirth of Soul and All Net Records on Provocative Records in 1995. R&B group Renaizzance consisted of Charles Reese Jr., Mark Scott, and Kermit Quinn II.

Friends driven by a barrage of live drums and electronically processed production. The beats are thick. The instrumentation and arrangements are laid out perfectly. Feelings get strong on this song. The song suggests let’s be friends before we’re lovers. It’s that type of song. They say the love ain’t going nowhere. The song has an overall romantic vibe. Friends is a “if we can’t be lovers, we can be friends” type of song.

Committed has an old school 80s soul sound similar to what you would expect to hear from Ready For The World, Shalamar, or Zapp. Committed is about real love and being in a real relationship. The funky guitar notes flow perfectly with the mid-tempo pace. The soulful chorus sings in an midtempo harmony similar to new school neo-soul.

Slow Jam is a cover song of Midnight Star – Slow Jam. This song is perfect for the ladies. The song was recorded at the beginning of 1996. It’s a rare soul gem.

Intimate Thoughts is an original song by Renaizzance that also serves as a cover version of Midnight Star – Slow Jam. The song is a slow tempo slow jam with a soulful touch. It’s another rare soul gem.

Gotta Get My Groove On is very much similar to Zapp due to presence of a vocoder being used. Gotta Get My Groove On is perfect to dance to or groove. The song was recorded in Cincinnati, Ohio at the beginning of 1996.

I rate this album 4/5****!!

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