Review: Caro Emerald – The Other Woman

Caro Emerald – The Other Woman is one of those sad heartbreaking jazz singles laced with that bossa nova sound. Jazz fans will not be disappointed with this single release. Caro Emerald never fails to disappoint her audiences. This is a good piece of serial music also.

The Other Woman is about how men lie and leave the woman they love for another woman. That woman will always be known as “the other woman”. The song educates women on how to look out for men who are deceitful and lie.

Little girl, just keep on waiting for that man to give you a life. You keep on hoping so this prince can save you. Keep on dreaming which is his scandalous lie. Is he the hero for your love? Does he know that you begging him please? In your despair does he get up to leave?

At the start of his goodbye, do you ever realize that you’ll never get the chance? All you get is alibis and lies. When smoke begins to fade and you’re standing face to face. Does he kiss you in a way to say, “You’re the other woman” which he rudely refers to you as? The other woman.

Wear that dress the one you rely on. Wear that slip up high that shows off your underwear. And when he’s arriving, give him that invitation. Keep on wishing on his dollars and cares. For your love, he is your hero. Even though you are begging him please. Woman I’m scared your risks are never ending. And don’t you pretend you don’t live what you breathe. You’ll always be the other woman.

Trust that Caro has been there before. You don’t know him. Caro know him more. Listen to her words of advice to gain some experience.

Caro gets suspicious with her man as she notices the lipstick on his collar of his shirt. The lipstick on his collar doesn’t seem to match her lipstick. That is the gist of The Lipstick On His Collar.

The clock has ticked eleven and the place is clear. Reality is kicking in and so is Caro’s beer. She doesn’t make excuses when it’s all her fault. If a heart is made of money he’s cleaned out her vault. Caro feels and believes that it isn’t fair to sit inside a parlour and see him standing over there as smug as a robber that a cop can’t catch The lipstick on his collar doesn’t seem to match hers.

Now Joe behind the bar is offering advice because Caro a broken record and he has to tell her twice. Why don’t she understand that he just can’t change? Caro wants to be his woman not his weekend dame. Now Joe has eyes a’rollin’ says it’s just too bad and he’ll be back tomorrow for my heartbeat crash. This line is disconnected.

I rate this single 5/5*****!

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