Review: Olamide – UY Scuti

Olamide – UY Scuti is a Nigerian hip hop album with fresh and crystal clear production. Some of the songs are performed in the Yoruba language which is his native tongue. That’s what makes the album interesting and unique.

Need For Speed is about Olamide reaching his destination since that is his goal he wants to accomplish in life. He is trying to chase his dreams. Olamide hustles and is steady grinding for the dough. His hustle has got him steady grinding for the dough highly. His destination is far. Time is flying. People worship money but we pray to God. Lagos traffic makes reaching his destination slow.

They say life is a game. But he disobeyed all the rules. A Mercedes Benz splash dirty water in his face in his ghetto one day. He saw himself speeding and he did the same thing for Lagos. He found himself speeding doing 120 mph on Lekki-Epe one day. No traffic on a Sunday. Why do we have to go? Why do we have to come? Why do we have to rush? Why do we have to run?

Rock is about Olamide wanting make love to a girl. The song uses a mixture of his native Yoruba language which is simply beautiful. The Afrobeats involves some series of well-timed jumps.

Olamide wants to make love to a girl. He meets up with a girl. They chill like ice water for a minute tonight. He loves how they rock their vibe. He goes sees her a day later after that night. All of the sudden she has a personal vendetta against Olamide. Because of her, Olamide gets many haters. Mi o mo bonshen gbe body is Yoruba for “I cannot lift my body.” This is related to body movement which is particular with Afrobeats that involves some series of well-timed jumps.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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