Review: Skribbal – Black Eyed Children

Skribbal’s “Black Eyed Children” album is a 90s-centric horrorcore sounding throwback album that is very loosely based on the urban legend of the same name. On this album, he tackles touchy subjects such as child abuse. That makes sense given that Los Angeles based hip hop artist Skribbal grew up in the foster care system as a child.

The Retribution was the stormy haunting opener of the album with haunting deep vocals from a male narrator telling us black eyed children are seeking out revenge as an act of retribution. To stalk the heartless, to kill the soulless, and the ones who have betrayed their own. The black eyed children walk this plane of existence forever to take back what has been stolen from them.

Born All Over explained how hip hop/rap music gets Skribbal through the day since all he had was music and a dream. He uses hip hop/rap music as an outlet to vent his frustration and take out his anger on due to his own childhood trauma. Hip hop gets him through the day because the pain doesn’t stop.

All Skribbal had was music and a dream. Hip hop gets him through the day because the pain don’t stop due to trauma that occurred during his childhood. At 9 years old, a child of the state who was forced in a foster home. In other words he was orphaned. He found a way to himself the beast through the ink by writing his own music. Hip hop/rap music was something he had used to get through the day sittin’ in the sound. Writing every minute.

All I had was music and a dream
Gets me through the day cause the pain don’t stop
Hip hop gets me through the day
Hip hop gets me through the day
Hip hop get me through the day
Cause the pain don’t stop

The Man Who Fell from the Sky is a dramatic tale about a man who fell into the sky after falling from an airplane. Skribbal plays the role of the man under the alias of “Dan Cooper” who fell into the sky after falling from an airplane. There is a heavy sense of epic drama and theatrics in terms of mood, climate, and setting for the song. There is also a bit of humor that is sporadically used throughout the song.

His storytelling is what stands out. The storytelling on The Man Who Fell from the Sky is fantastic and is more than decent. Skribbal was very thorough and in-depth with his storytelling as he described each detail of what he did throughout the song.

Skribbal copped an airplane ticket for flight 305. He is the military minded man with shades on and a briefcase in hand acting under the alias of Dan Cooper. Skribbal has a grudge and is about to get revenge on Uncle Sam as an act of retribution toward the US Government. He is a renegade. So he focuses on the plan. They ain’t gonna take Skribbal alive.

He sits down in the back where he orders beverages that are Bourbon and a soda. Next he called that little pretty misses over. Skribbal hands her a note that is letting her know he has got a bomb. Then he asked her to sit next to him in an attempt of persuasion to keep her calm.

Skribbal opened up the briefcase to show her the bomb ain’t fake. Then he told her to takе notes because he had got some demands he needed to make. His first demand was 200k ($200,000 dollars) in unmarked twenty dollar bills ($20 dollar bills) on the way. His second demand was 4 parachutes for his escape. Two front and two back or he blows everyone all away. Skribbal demands she take it to the pilot crew in the cockpit. He thanks her for her patience as it’s been a long day. Once they hit Seattle, Washington, he expects to get his money. Then they will hit Reno, Nevada to refuel and leave the country of the United States.

The plane landed in Seattle, Washington. They brought Skribbal the bag of cold hard cash. Then he let the passengers get off whom he held up after an extensive extended flight. He was keepin’ his cool throughout the whole aircraft hijacking which could have merited a hostage situation. Next he told the pilot crew, “Let’s get back up in the air on the air on the move.” Now they heading Southeast at a speed go 100 knots. He told the pilot lower the wings until they are reaching an angle of 15 degrees and to not drop.

Skribbal lit a smoke and ordered himself another drink. He knew they’d take the bait and thought that he was on the brink. But they got played because the truth of it the bomb was just a fake. But the money is real. He’ll launder all the cash and buy a cabin on the lake. He’s been working for the system and now the system gotta pay. Skribbal has been trained to jump in rough terrain for days because he was a paratrooper. Fuck a flight to Cuba. He’s jumpin’ out the sky! If he dies today, he’s rich and he’ll be rich until the day he dies.

Then he asked if Tina wouldn’t mind standing by his side and thanked her for the help. As she headed to the front, he picked up all the money, wrapped the money in the test chute, and walked back. He put the aft stairs down, felt the cold wind blast, and was never seen again as he jumped into the storm like a ghost in the wind and was gone in an instant.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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