Review: Das EFX – How We Do

Das EFX – How We Do is one of the more overlooked Das EFX albums. Many people shitted on this Das EFX album and did not give it a proper chance to be appreciated or enjoyed. That is how this 2003 album got overlooked and overshadowed.

Many Das EFX fans said How We Do was whack compared to their other albums. Many Das EFX fans complained and said it’s not the right production for what they needed. The problem with this Das EFX album was the production is weak and some of the beats were wack. Das EFX were better with dark grimey beats. Das EFX needed that raw hardcore underground sound they usually used and not that updated commercialized rap sound used here. That raw street sound for their style is what the album needed. Them not using the “-iggity” style and sound is what drove fans away.

In reality Das EFX sounds more mature and polished as they had reestablished themselves when they made a return with this album. People had realized that the hip hop sound was changing, so they had to change with the times.

Das EFX went back to using their “-iggity” style and sound they were internationally known for using in the hip hop/rap community on The Memories Remain. The duo discuss their future plans and destiny. The duo remained true to their roots unlike some of the other songs on the album. This song has a nostalgic feeling.

Das EFX went back to using their “-iggity” style and sound they were internationally known for using in the hip hop/rap community with these lyrics “See liggidy-life ain’t always what it seems to be/But I’m focused now I’m right where I need to be”

Jungle is one of their more politically charged songs which shows social consciousness and political awareness. They discussed and exposed the current politics of 2003 in the song.

For example, Dray shed light on the Israeli–Palestinian ongoing conflict which is the struggle between Israelis and Palestinians with these lyrics. “And analyze the right from wrong, I speak for half a million/That fight like Israelis and Palestinians/You dark enough? Watch the trees you barking up”

Another example is Dray called out the US Government for being corrupt and to never trust the government with these lyrics. “Dunn, they even locked Sharpton up, now that’s some other shit/The government is scandalous and try to cover shit/I’m on some CNB, “keep on, my brother” shit/There’s a lot of pain in this grain that we go against”

These lyrics of his show a spark of both political consciousness and social awareness. He was on some activism peace shit. “I’m on some CNB, “keep on, my brother” shit”

It’s wild out here. They wonder why niggas smoke so much weed. Dray is from a place where the days are short and the nights are long. And when he is stressed out, he’ll write a song. He speaks for half a million that fight like Israelis and Palestinians. He came to analyze the right from wrong. The government is scandalous and tries to cover shit. Life’s a dirty game. You either play a hoe or pimp.

The good die young in the hood. That is discussed in these lyrics. “Little niggas turning killer at an early age/Sending other little niggas to an early grave/They always say that the good die young, specially in the hood I’m from/Feel me”

One minute you’re getting ready for tour and the next minute you’re out here getting ready for war. The news be giving Skoob the blues like BB King. The thrill is gone, man. This life ain’t no easy thing. If it ain’t one struggle it’s another. He doesn’t know where he stands in this world.

Skoob explains that sometimes he doesn’t know where he stands in this world in the lyrics to his verse which is Verse 2.

[Verse 2: Skoob]
Yo, I don’t know where to start, so I will where I am
Sometimes in this world, I don’t know where I stand
I’m just trying to make bread and share with the fam
And do what I gotta do take care of my fam, look
One minute yo, getting ready for tour
Next minute yo, out here getting ready for war
The news be giving me the blues like BB King
The thrill is gone, man, this life ain’t no easy thing
If it ain’t one struggle, it’s a-motherfucking-nother
Everyday my sister having beef with mother
Sometimes I say, “Fuck it, Dray, why even bother?”
I’m still trying to work this shit out with my father
My old lady say I stress too much
A lot of shit be on the brain, I don’t rest too much
I guess, living in the Jungle got me uptight
Trying to figure out a plan that got me up nights, man

East Coast Hustlaz has that real East Coast flavor with modern rap beats that have a thick commercial song but are not too commercialized. Many Das EFX fans called the song East Coast Hustlaz a classic. Some have already said, “This song is already a classic.” A majority of rap songs from the early 2000s had nice beats.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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