Review: Debbie Gibson – The Body Remembers

Review: Debbie Gibson – The Body Remembers

Debbie Gibson – The Body Remembers was Debbie Gibson’s spectacular comeback album for 2021. She proves she has not lost a step with her singing. The modern electronic production helps her pop roots stand out and prosper. Debbie manages to stay relevant in today’s musical climate with songs such as Girls Night Out (#Vegasvibe Remix), One Step Closer, Red Carpet Ready, and The Body Remembers.

The Body Remembers is a song which described the warm memories Debbie had of her boyfriend. The message the song is the body remembers what the heart tries to forget. The song revealed that Debbie still had feelings for her former boyfriend.

Last night, Debbie was driving in her car and their song came on the radio. She held on tight like the memories were the wheel. She had forgotten how to feel but he took her right back. They were young and little crazy right here. Then something started to crack her pretty little veneer.

The body remembers what the heart tries to forget. Her body remembers that sexy summer love.They were wishing on the stars that the night wouldn’t end. The whole world was theirs. He is above her now. He is above her now. He is so very fly for a fly guy. Ruinin’ it for the next guy should he come along. Ruinin’ it for the next guy. But he’ll always be Debbie’s guy. Deep in her heart and deep in every song.

Debbie tried to leave him far behind. She tried to hit rewind. She even cried a time or two because he was the one for her. But how was she to know until it hit her?

One Step Closer was a song that explained how Debbie was one step closer to love. She was one one step closer to falling in love. However the man that Debbie loved knew that he would be giving Debbie up in an instant. He dumps her. So she decides to ride solo to the real thing instead.

He lit Debbie up when he called her crazy. But he really saved her. Now Debbie is one step closer to love. She can’t track the tears that keep falling because she went there.

That stupid love stuff is so twisted. It’s twisted when all the while he knew that he would be givin’ Debbie up in an instant. And now Debbie is loving and living like there’s a tomorrow. She loves this feeling. She’d be fine a duo but she is riding solo to the real thing instead. Too much love is never enough.

Girls Night Out (#Vegasvibe Remix) was the ladies anthem of her 2021 album. Girls, I know you need to know that you’re admired. The song uses tubular EDM elements which sound very electronic.

Debbie can’t hear her voice above the crowd. Her voice is way too small. The atmosphere and setting are all too loud. Debbie hasn’t seen herself since who knows when. The alarm goes off and she does it all again with her sisters.

You can’t touch this. No misters, this is their trip because it’s girls night out. The DJ will play something to dance about on a girls night out.

She is shoulder to shoulder with her tribe. She’s gonna take this feeling back home to her man. The feeling like from when it all began. And when Debbie with her ladies, she is inspired. Lucky you, she is going out on the town on a girls night out.

Runway is about a female supermodel who thinks she is all that but really isn’t.

She can pay her way. She can slay the her good looks all day up on her yacht in Saint-Tropez. But it don’t mean anything if you ain’t got grit. This female supermodel thinks she is on a role with all that soul and smile that she stole from Mona Lisa. But it don’t mean anything if you don’t work it, bitch.

It’s another fun day. Another day above the ground. Another queen to be crowned. She doesn’t mind if the world comes at her one more time. Her life’s a runway and she is the star. She doesn’t mind because the haters be hating from the sideline. Don’t wait for someday. Go on, give ’em whatcha got and go til you cannot anymore.

She can play that part with all her heart. Tear it up just to get torn apart. She ain’t no Meryl Streep. She can think she is this and that when she is really not. This female supermodel struts through the alley like a cat. But the others got her beat because you didn’t strip herself bare to fashion industry standards.

Why be ordinary when you can be legendary? They can’t help but to see all that you be. So go be legendary. That is what the song Legendary is about. That is also what the message of Legendary is.

You’re making a name for yourself. You’re learning the footwork, working the high notes, and you’re feelin’ the crowd. You’re takin’ what they bring.They’re singing out loud what you wrote. And you take each knockout as it comes. But you don’t give up and you don’t give in. Because you can’t be outrun. Why be ordinary when you can be legendary? They can’t help but to see all that you be. So go be legendary.

Your words are your weapon from the East to the West end. You’re lining them up around the block because you’re a legend. You’re playing the full court so fast you can’t get caught. Your memory lives on. So long though life is so short. And you take each victory as it comes. And you don’t look down on those who are down. No, you’re not that one. You see the good in everyone. Look at how far you have come. Be the fire and let it burn.

Red Carpet Ready explains how a female celebrity who’s red carpet ready tonight. The song explained the glamour, glitz, and fame of being a female celebrity. The song is about how her body guard makes her so alive and has fallen in love with her.

We saw the girl who was always shining. She had a day but makes her way to the Gala anyway. She wouldn’t bail as people expecting her to come. Her bodyguard holds her hand and then holds her purse. It’s an understanding that is unrehearsed. And that is why this guy is the one. The prize is that he loves her so and always will when all that glitter fades.

He saw more and saved her from herself. He’s the reason why she can touch the sky and redefines camera ready. Her heart open wide and lets them look inside past the strong to the unsteady woman that women want to be. Not the young girls screaming, “Look at me!” Her biggest fan takes her hand and she’s red carpet ready tonight.

She had a day and makes her way from the Grammy’s to the PTA. She is the queen of everything. The world’s her stage. She never goes home empty handed. Not with him by her side. He’s the reason why she feels so alive and redefines camera ready.

The flashbulbs dim. The limos roll. The fairytale she’s in starts to unfold. But love, like music it stays. Making headlines that are history the very next day. In a necklace they’re coming to take away. He whispers, “Baby, you’re that diamond anyway.” Love is never needing to be red carpet ready for her.

I rate this album 5/5*****!


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