Review: CZR ‎– Muzik Expedition E.P.

CZR ‎– Muzik Expedition E.P. will surely take you on a musical expedition and journey through house music. This CZR EP uses a combination of electronic and techno thus creating a tech house combustion. International House Records puts out the best tech house singles from Chicago. However a majority of these songs are produced in low quality. Usually International House Records produces such high quality house records that are perfect. However this release is not one of those high quality house records normally put out.

Digital Funktion is similar to early electronic music as the production and sound quality is set very low. Similar to 70s electronic music. Digital Funktion is one of CZR’s harder tech house songs which uses techno based beats.

Ghetto Booty is known for using buildups and a hilarious vocal sample which makes the song classic. You will laugh your ass of when you hear the vocal sample “Put it in my face!”. The buildups for this song starts around 0:58 and 1:45. This is one awesome house song.

Celesta is driven a large kick drum and a set of shakers. A tambourine is also adde to the mix between the background of techno beats and low volume electro synths. The sound quality for this song is set way too low for song produced by CZR or International House Records. Usually International House Records produces such high quality house songs that are perfect. However that is not the case with this song which is disappointing to many.

I rate this EP 2/5**.

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