Review: CZR ‎– Abstract Muzik E.P.

CZR ‎– Abstract Muzik E.P. has some of the best bangin’ tracks to ever have come from the Chicago house scene. This EP incorporates many different genres of music such as jazz, dance, Latin, and techno. This house release is not your typical house release as CZR does not rely solely on electronic or techno but instead many different genres of music. CZR ‎– Abstract Muzik E.P. is the best Chicago house release of 1995.

The song Ghetto Muzik uses a touch of techno, Chicago house, and dance. Notice all those distorted over house styled dance beats. Ghetto Muzik was the song that was constantly being played at all those house parties back in the days.

The song Jazz muzik uses a fusion and combination of house and jazz music. Notice the horn sample over a thumpin’ bass line backed behind a timpani drum and a kick drum. That horn sample is what gives this song a jazz edge and vibe. Jazz meets house on the song Jazz muzik.

The old school jam Banda Muzik is known for sampling Latin music. Banda Muzik samples music from Banda Z over modern house beats. Now those house beats are what give this song a modern edge yet the old school sound remains intact and unscathed. Banda Muzik was another one of those songs that was constantly being played at all those house parties back in the days all over Chicago.

Now the reputable hard house song Structure not only flooded the Chicago scene. The song also flooded the Los Angeles scene in 1995. Structure had massive amount of air play on the radio in both cities. The song is decent despite the repetitive nature of the electric synths and house beats.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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