Review: Shadik – The Demo

Shadik – The Demo is one of those SoundCloud rap albums that is lost in a sea of information on the internet. This is some fine Alaska rap and pop released by Perfekt World Entertainment from 2021. Now these songs are the latest songs from Alaskan producer Shadik that are streamed through Distrokid. All instruments were played by him.

My Love You was dedicated to the love Shadik couldn’t give to his love ones. Sometimes the only place love can exist is through art. The solid voice blends in perfectly and appropriately with the good production. You can obviously tell Shadik was really emotional and just kept them raw as they came out. His vocals were beautiful and so relaxing.

The song feels nostalgic and futuristic sounding at the same time. These feelings can be attributed to the modern electronic production that was used. My Love You is a crossover of synth pop, chillwave, rap, hip hop, electro, and soul. All these style of music help the song feel so relaxing.

Is Shadik at fault? Is he the reason and the blame to fall in love only to feel betrayed? Is he afraid? Did he break his angel’s halo? He never walked away.

He is missing every moment. So much time is being wasted. Only pictures of your face remain. So he hold his heart before it breaks into shattered pieces. This is his pain and sorrow. This pain and sorrow of his are a part of his worries. He’ll never dream again because he loves her. Yet he couldn’t love her the way he wanted to. He doesn’t know what to say. It’s like he is mentally disabled. He is not the only one to blame. Someone explain these stupid games to lose one’s trust.

Shadik shows his Alaskan pride and pride for the state of Alaska on the song Alaskan Passion. Shadik says the song speaks for itself. This is another one of the beautiful songs on the album. The rhythmic percussion and harp chords are what make the song catchy. You can tell what kind of energy this song genuinely has.

Dandelion is another beautiful pop song on the album. This is the remix and mastered version of Dandelion on SoundCloud. Those drums are truly unique and help the song stand out.

Stay Focused is a song perfect for those who struggle with trying to get ahead. Inspiration comes from keeping a friend in a positive place. The song shows a sense of determination and motivation. So Shadik thought it would be nice to make them a motivational song they could listen to.

The song uses smooth synth pop soundscapes behind some funky guitar chords and groovy drums. The fusion of instrumentation is done perfectly. One can feel the vibes that come along with this Shadik song. The song has that fresh old school neo-soul sound.

I Don’t Want To Fall In Love is about how people need loving even though they don’t want to admit they need love. Everyone wants to be love. Everyone needs some kind/type of loving.

One thing that stands out about this song are the basic vocals. Those vocals of his that he used on this song were basic. Shadik thought he could have done better with his vocal arrangement but he left his vocals plain just so the chorus part would work with minimum work. He was debating if he should really sing or just keep his vocals monotone. However he got trapped and ran out of ideas. But in the end he just let the song come to him and tried not to over do things. He kept the vocals basic so the beat could get its shine. He really did try to let the beat shine. Those are the reasons why Shadik kept his vocals basic.

Foreva uses a mixture of synth pop and rock. Notice the harp chords and distorted rock guitar used in the background. A bit of contemporary soul music is thrown into the song also. The song follows a beat at a mid tempo pace.

Annie, Are You Okay? has a unique melody backed with poppy synths and smooth instrumentation arrangements. That is evident by the clean audio that can be heard. You can hear a sense of clarity in his vocals on this song. Synth pop meets new wave on the song Annie, Are You Okay?. Shadik was inspired by Michael Jackson when recording the song.

6542 came about after Shadik had a brief conversation with a beautiful friend who said some very good things about his music which inspired him to write this song. This young beautiful friend of his was one of a kind.

This is the second version of the song 6542. The second part of the chorus parts words were originally “You are not alone”. He changed it to some words that he always wanted to use in a song which were “You and I alone”. Those lyrics may the song deep and positive.

Shadik uses some really beautiful vocals in this song. The song is a mixture of R&B, pop, reggae, and house. A massive array of synth pop is used. This is one of those deep, positive, and relaxing songs.

Shadik started with trying to make a nice drum pattern for the song during the recording process. Then he worked on the chords next. His big brother Blizzy Johnson was the person play the guitar on this song. It would’ve been nice to have a seasoned mix engineer but he managed to produce, arrange, and record such a beautiful song.

I’ll Be Waiting is another infectious song with snappy claps and beats. This is the ultimate song. Anything you may be waiting for. The song was about a friend who was serving jail time and was admitted to drug rehabilitation. Shadik later lost this friend to drugs.

I Hope is a song filled with hope, happiness, and a sense of sadness. Synth pop meets chillwave on the song I Hope. Can’t Let You Go was based on true events of many peoples lives.

I’m So Broke deals with poverty and loneliness. Listen up if you think this a joke.

Shadik came up like he was on dope. He was a man in these streets with no hope unless he was slanging dope. He’s been there and done that before. But he is not trying go down the road. But if he didn’t know, he would forever be broke struggling out the cold weather of Alaska. He still feels broke.

The only road Shadik seems to know has got him broke out here in the cold. He did learn a lesson. That’s a blessing. Trying to figure out which way he should go. The only thing that seems to keep him from stressing. That would explain why niggas in the game be packing weapons. He ain’t even in the game. So don’t test him. You know that he is not the one to be messing with.

He is not even claiming to be better than anyone else. No bigger no badder no lesser than. He is not thinking about losing his life and investments. Go head and try him. See how that’s relevant. Mentally dealing many missing elements.

HeeBeeGeeBeez is a song about a crazy, psychotic chick with sexy looks. Shadik says, “She’s a crazy, psychotic chick. Don’t let the her sexy looks fool you.”

IDKY is about a heartbreaking tale of love and hate. The concept of this song is about love and hate. Domestic violence represents the hatred portion of the song. Anyone can relate to this song. IDKY was based on true events. Trap beats are used on the song.

Shadik did the beat and hook first. He was trying to figure how to make the hook work with everything including the beat. Irko mixed the song down. New age rap and new school rap meet pop and soul on this song. Shadik was just trying to make something relative to this era of rap.

Feeling like a loser with a 4 leaf clover. This man caught his girl in the bathroom with her friend bent over He was hella drunk. So he starts getting physical with her by fighting. This wouldn’t happen if he was sober. She tried to fight him in the car. And then they got pulled over Alaska State Troopers. He never would’ve thought it would happen this way. You know that he was drunk and he caught a fucking case.

The girl tells her man, “You hate me so much that you want to kill me, baby. I don’t know why.” That is how toxic and unsafe their relationship really is. The man tells his girl, “Don’t let me catch you with him!” A cauldron of emotions come over them.

The next day, she keyed up his car and got him kicked out of his place. He didn’t know she had a side nigga until today. The side nigga had a gun in his face. That’s why he should’ve never showed her where he stayed. The man tells his girl, “Don’t let me catch you with him!” She had her side nigga try to shoot him with the man’s gun. Claiming he got the plug but he stole all the man’s drugs. Even got the nigga walking around with his cellphone.

That’s why he fucked her friend Tasha. Because she has got more shit to offer. He might lead her to the alter. She takes care of her daughter. Her nose ain’t getting powdered. And she ain’t even scared to take a motherfucking shower. Tasha likes it in the asshole.

The man ain’t never did shit and never feared shit. She has been on some weird shit. Peaking out you window like she doesn’t see him. He is broke as hell. So he demands she gives back everything that he had bought her. He is getting paid for all the damage that she has done. All the material she has ravished and destroyed. That’s what he deserves to get.

Converse was a song Shadik produced and recorded for a Converse shoe commercial contest that he had lost. A lot of people love it. R.I.P. Luv was a song dedicated to/for any loved ones that have passed away.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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