Review: Big Chop – It’s About Time

Big Chop – It’s About Time is one the best Austin rap album from 2004. The album has solid crystal clear production from Madd Creole on the tracks. The album has an eclectic mix of different styles on each of his songs. The album does have catchy lyrics given that this is a Southern rap album. Big Chop’s versatile skills and free style ability really stand out. One can clearly tell Big Chop put in a lot of work effort into his debut album. Big Chop is the Big Moe of Austin. He has an energy that gives you a “soul feeling” and “ear banging” vibe that you can’t manufacture. It’s About Time also features Paul Wall and Lil B of the Guerilla Maab, and SBF Clique.

U’s a hoe is a hyphy rap song with club beats which will certainly get the club crunk. However the song get annoying quickly due to the repetitive lyrics. So keep that in mind. You don’t want no drama. You don’t want to plex with Big Chop and PVC. You will show Big Chop and PVC much respect. That is the basis of the entire song.

Grippin’ Grain is a club banger performed and sung in tune of Destiny’s Child – Say My Name. Big Chop had the ATX streets hot with this song back in 2004. Big Chop is the Big Moe of Austin. At least on this song. The song is good enough to be a Top 10 hit on the charts.

25 Haters is Austin’s answer to DJ DMD’s 25 Lighters. You can easily tell where Big Chop copied the song from. Lil B of the Guerilla Maab makes an appearance. Haters are always trying to fade us.

Rollin has such divine crystal clear production that is breathtaking. Madd Creole killed the beats and pads. Not to mention beautiful use of a flute. On this song Big Chop is on the road to fame as he is chasing his cheddar. Nothing is going to stop him. So many thoughts are going through his mind.

Big explains how he is a raw and untamed lyrical beast on Raw and Untamed. He is ATX most hated. That’s the truth for sure. He is well known like the Playboy Bunny.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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