Review: Ronnie Spencer – The Legendary Ronnie Spencer

Ronnie Spencer – The Legendary Ronnie Spencer is one of Houston’s most overlooked soul albums of the 2010s decade. Half the album is sexual love songs and part hip hop. Ronnetta Spencer and D-One are the most featured guest artists for this album. Sexy love songs done on the R&B/Soul aspect had already been done. Especially way before this album! Ronnie Spencer will remind you of Jhiame. Both whom are Screwed Up Click (SUC) affiliated.

As you all know, Ronnie Spencer has been around 1998 since Fat Pat’s “Tops Drop”. Ronnie Spencer has been laying down his vocals on various Houston rap artists album for over more than 10 years. As well as Houston soul artists. He should have spent more time in the booth. He is a huge contributor for the SUC. If this album was released on Wreckshop Records and Sucka Free Records in 2001 as the Finally! was, then there’s no telling where he would be. He probably would have been more above ground.

The Legendary Ronnie Spencer album was released on Sucka Free Records from Houston, Texas in 2014. Now Ronnie Spencer is out of the penitentiary and back in the recording studio, he’s gotten his shit together.

How Many Ways is about how many various ways can Ronnie’s wife can really love him. She is really driving Ronnie crazy! Talk about freaky love. Thinking About You should be a single. Thinking About You, Talk About Getting It On, and Turn Around Baby are sexual intercourse in the bed love songs. A lot of the songs on this album are by the way!

She’s A Stripper is a promiscuous strip club track. That song is like a slow jam mixed with a club joint. Not too bitter, not too bland. Jhiame should have been on there. It’s something that he would sing or rap about. Another song appropriate for being a single!

The song Ronnetta is a dedication track to his daughter, Ronnetta Spencer, whom is an actress from Houston, Texas. Ronnetta is his soul inspiration to do what he does on regards to singing. Ronnetta is what gives in to his motivation in aspects as to living life to the fullest. Basically Ronnetta is his motivation.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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