Review: Mr. International ‎– Remi -N- Alizé

Mr. International ‎– Remi -N- Alizé is a unique R&B album which incorporates the sounds of hip hop, funk, rap, and easy listening all in one recording. Sounds of smooth funk meet hip hop and R&B on this album. This album has smooth R&B cuts such as Tomika, Teasin’ -N- Pleasin’, Alot Of These, and Remi -N- Alizé. G-Funk styled rap cuts such as Jealousy, World in Drama, and Millionaire Mindstate are included. 2 hidden tracks were added as a bonus. Remi -N- Alizé is the debut album from Mr. International.

What’s interesting about this album is the design of the front cover. Now the design of the front cover is designed in a passport format. A royal navy blue passport can be seen on the upper left hand corner. His passport is an American passport. Notice the Courier font used where it says Issued To: and Destination:. The album cover acts as a passport.

Tomika was advertised and listed as the hot new single on the sticker case. Tomika was the lead single off his debut album. Carmen Miller sang the background vocals on Tomika. The single got radio play in Houston, Texas and Shreveport, Louisiana.

The song is about Mr. International trying to make a girl named Tomika his woman. She tells him she already has a man. Of course Mr. International won’t take no for an answer. He wants to remain friends with her one way or another.

This girl Tomika has been Mr. International the feeling. He feels as if they are compatible. Her sign is compatible with his. She’s got him wondering. He peeps the way of her slick talk. He guarantees once it starts that it won’t be over quick enough. The surprise is that she already has a man. He wants to remain friends with her.

Tomika images the touch, the warmth, and the kiss of him ¼th into the song. She wants to do the things no other girl would do.

Mr. International would rather have a woman instead of a girl. Someone like Tomika seems to be nonexistent. So many women seem to have men twisted. Tomika turns out not to be an exception to this case as she’s got her man twisted up. He ends up leaving her in the end. He gets disappointed with her act.

The title track Remi -N- Alizé has that smooth G-Funk sound which mature people can relate to. Only mature people can appreciate the sound. The smooth piano is accompanied by some heavy bumpin’ bass which adds into the G-Funk sound.

The song and title track is about the finer things in life. Think champagne dreams and caviar wishes. Sex on the beach.

World in Drama is about all the drama that goes on in the world. World in Drama is based on a true story. Mr. International says this at the beginning. Mr. International raps using a smooth style on this song of his.

World in Drama uses a bass line that fire! The bass line stands out. The instrumentation selection stands out as well too. Some instruments used on World in Drama are congas, keyboards, a soft piano, and upright bass. The congas beats are quite thin but are not terrible.

The way people front has Mr. International loving nothing. People hate how he is living. He refuses to change his lifestyle. He doesn’t anybody. Not even his own shadow. People are shallow where he’s from. They all want to be rich when they live beyond their means. Hooked into criminology. Mr. International has gone that route before and does not wish to go back that way.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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