Review: Jhiame – Da Last Shall B First

Da Last Shall B First was the first album Jhiame has made in 20 years back in 2014. Jhiame Productions and Da Assassin Productionz produced on smooth ass mellow R&B/soul album with high upgraded touch with modern technology which given the album an edge of modern soul and that modern sound.

I Came Back represents Jhiame’s first comeback in 20 years. Jhiame tells us about his life and updates us for the latest 411 on the streets. Spittin’ game all over the world. Hood Heff and Hi-C both make their featured appearances on this song. Jhiame has been though a lot in regards to personal issues and other differences.

Let’z Stay 2-Getta?! is one of them smooth ass tracks to make love to. Let’z Stay 2-Getta?! features Al Green and is Jhiame’s first single in 20 years along with I Came Back. Jhiame displays his soulful voice on Let’z Stay 2-Getta?!. Jhiame has been throught a lot since the divorce. It’s about relationships with love and hate. In other words… Sometimes it’s love and sometimes it’s hate. Sometimes it’s real and sometimes it’s fake. Whatever our love is Let’z Stay 2-Getta?! !

Da H is So Real is a dedication to the underground rap scene in Houston. Da H is So Real samples DJ DMD – So Real.

Ooh Bitchez is an upindaclub song. No Playin’ is a strip club that plays no games in the employment field of the exotic lifestyles of da pimps, playas, and hustlas.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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