Review: J-Reale ‎– Under Cover

J-Reale ‎– Under Cover is one of the underrated overlooked R&B albums that came out of Houston, Texas during the 90s. This album is smooth and sultry in nature as every single song on here is a love ballad. Indie R&B at its finest. Not too monastic. Sadly this was one of the albums distributed by Southwest Wholesale that was a victim of lack of promotion. So not many copies of this album exist. That is why J-Reale was never able to find success.

Kerry “Smokey” Douglas and Richard “Big Daddy” Simpson served as executive producers on his album. Jhiame produced the songs 69 Sexercise and Midnight Aliby. Jhiame and J-Reale were label mates.

Now the cassette version of this album, the A side is the FREAKY SIDE and the B side is the UNDA COVER SIDE. The CD version of this album does not have these titles listed. Instead the A side and B side are divided into two sections with 4 songs on each side totaling to 8 songs.

Are You Down (Part II) serves as a follow-up and continuation of R U Down from his 1993 album Just In Tyme. The instrumentation and sound are different on this version. This version is more freaky than the original. Are you down with a player like J-Reale?

Do Ya (Part II) serves as a follow-up and continuation of Do Ya from his 1993 album Just In Tyme. Although the tempo is the same, the duration is slightly longer. Both versions of Do Ya feature the R&B group Xplicit. Funk meets R&B on Do Ya (Part II). This is one of those good songs which brings back good memories from the first time you had sexual intercourse to when you were in college. Truly a sultry slow tempo banger.

Can I Hit It is the uptempo number produced by Crazy C, Kerry Douglas, and Jhiame. That song follows a rhythm. Can I Hit It featured the most underrated rap group out of H-Town called Tha Mad Scientists. The talent on this song was undeniable.

Reeko Knight and J Reale sung a beautiful harmony on the sultry but intimate song G-String. The song is perfect for the bedroom.

I Care For You is a heartfelt delicate song dedicated to someone you love. Finding love is something for you. You care about that person you love. Crazy C produced I Care For You at Ultimate Sounds Studios where the song was recorded. Mikki Blue played the synths.

69 Sexercise is the sexual version of Jazzercise. Think Jazzercise but with sex. Jhiame produced the entire song himself without any help from outside producers or in-house producers.

I rate this album 4/5****.

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