Review: Buttabean – Bean The Diary of Patrick Lykins

Buttabean – Bean The Diary of Patrick Lykins is a compilation album of both old and new songs from Buttabean that were gathered from different albums in his catalog and discography. This compilation album was issued in CD format and came with 2 CDs. CD 1 is filled with new songs that had never been released before prior to 2008. CD 2 is filled with songs from previous albums in his discography and the Wreckin Tha Mic catalog.

The album is filled with stories and tribulations of Buttabean’s life. Most of these songs are based off actual events that happened in his life or happened to him. Welcome to the world of mischief, mayhem, and growth. Hardcore rap songs are included too. There is something for everyone here.

You have you educational songs such as The Bad Son, Sticks And Stones, and STD. Sticks And Stones is an educational rap song about how sticks and stones will break your bones but words will never hurt you. The Bad Son teaches us that everyone has hardships, things in their life that make them who they are, and have struggles. STD deals with dangers of unprotected sex.

Buttabean calls this country rap album the start of something great. Waco rap has never been any better than this! Welcome to the diary of Patrick Lykins.

I Wouldn’t Shed A Tear is a country rap love song backed by a blues driven electric guitar. The song is a story about a young couple who fell in love for all the wrong reasons. Buttabean schools us on this story.

The song is a story about a young cute female named Karen and a boy named Cory. She always stuck beside him. They were just 2 friends at first. Karen could be a bitch at times. Cory was a punk who lost his mind. He claimed to love her with his heart and soul. When the true came out he was declared a hoe. He tried to run game but that didn’t work out entirely well for him. He never learned his lesson the first time. Baby mama drama is what he had going on and issues with fraud checks. She cooks and cleans just to impress him.

Kim had Cory’s back all along. So he moved in with her. He acted like the man of the house. Domestic abuse happens. He strangled and punched her too. And now he’s crying like a bitch because she ain’t around. This is what she said to him if he was with her in bed, “If you died tonight, I wouldn’t shed a tear. I would be happy that you’re no longer here.”

Everything was looking lovely as things were looking up. Cory had a good job. Kim would make him lunch and call him at his job site. Kim would sit at home. The phone line to his job site was disconnected. The next thing you know he has a brand hoe. He’s rolling in a new car and he didn’t pay off the car note. But the joke is on Kim because she thought she had some good friends. Cory claims to be hard because he’s from New York. Any gun sounds the same in any city you roll or live.

Cory never learned the true meaning of support. Kim’s dad passed away. She smoked 200 Newports while sitting out side crying wishing he was back. Cory’s only concern was getting money. Cory’s quick to run his mouth but not fight.

Sticks And Stones is an educational rap song about how sticks and stones will break your bones but words will never hurt you. “Sticks and stones will break your bones but words will never hurt you.” is the message Buttabean is trying to convey.

You know the old sayings, “Sticks and stones will break your bones but words will never hurt you.” , “Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me.” , “Sticks and stones will break my bones your words will never hurt me.”, “Sticks and stones may break my bones your words will never hurt me.” , and “Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.” .

The song Sticks And Stones had the melodic tone of a Z-Ro song and has an intellectual mood. Now the beats are set up and programmed in a simple manner. Not that many beats were used. Sticks And Stones came from the 2007 album Buttabean – The Album.

Dusted Her Off is about Buttabean’s luxury car. Dusted Her Off is driven by lively new school beats and sounds over a looped Fabulous sample. The song definitely has that new school rap sound.

Buttabean just wants to roll in a new luxury car. 24’s on the Escalade is how a true player rides. Don’t touch the candy paint as he dusted that off. His Escalade is looking sweet. A phone is sitting his lap. He is expecting a call from this chick right about now. This chick plays these little games. Buttabean is the best thing for her as he can make her a star. All she has to do is smile as Buttabean sits at the bar. Have her looking fresh when he takes her to the mall.

Buttabean can be seen in this brand new whip on chrome. A cool ass white dude behind dark tint. Rolling up on Bentleys. His brand new whip on chrome is a luxury car. You bet your sweet ass that this is an expensive ride. So don’t be surprised.

You Deserved It is a tale of betrayal based on a true story about Buttabean’s homeboy Duce aka Chris Adams. Duce betrayed Buttabean by sleeping with his woman behind his back and Buttabean finding out later. Buttabean was 17 years old when this happened to him.

The story begins with a young man named Duce. Duce was Buttabean’s best friend and right hand man. Just a scared kid. Chris knew better than to get him pissed. He’s seen Buttabean hurt people for less than this shit. They were supposed to be brothers as they ran with the same click. Chris betrayed his trust. One day he will pay for his actions.

Buttabean was crushed and devastated because Duce was supposed to be his homie. The one person he could trust when he needed help the most. Duce was a true friend that he could come to for help.

Buttabean remembers the time that bitch broke Duce’s heart. The hate was misplaced though. He raped other women that he claimed to be with. He locked Crystal in the trunk for the whole weekend. Buttabean has hurt people just to protect him.

Duce betrayed Buttabean by sleeping with his woman behind his back. Buttabean finds this out eventually. He steps in the front door of his house and didn’t say a word. Chris’s Camaro was sitting outside by the curb. He heard laughs and giggles among other noises going on. As soon as he sees both of them, Buttabean goes to retrieve his 9 millimeter and his sawed off pump. He can’t believe this feeling he has. He can feel the hate.

Buttabean kicked open the door. He shot Chris in the chest 3 times. Maybe 4. He killed him. Buttabean kills Duce because he deserves it. Buttabean is not sorry for his actions as he feels no remorse, guilt, or sorrow for killing Duce. Now he is buried in the ground.

Drives You Crazy deals with every day insanity of how much you give and give to the point where it drives you crazy. It’s the same thing day in and day out. You wait fo reach day to change yet things still remain the same despite the fact that change is a part of life.

Buttabean doesn’t want to live anymore but he’s not ready to die. Something is wrong with his brain. He got too high. He requests a bottle of gin. His family thought this was a phase. The doctor said Buttabean could change. He is just totally deranged. There is nothing doctors can fix. His life is full of disgust and it drives him crazy. This bugs him extremely.

The line “I don’t want to live anymore but I’m not ready to die” deals with Buttabean’s outlook and perspective on his uncertain feeling about life in existence. He is uncertain about life.

Smile is about getting that person you love to be happy and satisfied. Buttabean gives his example of who he wants to make happy and make smile.

Since the day Buttabean seen her eyes and her beautiful face. Her friends don’t understand that her man is a waste of time and energy. Who could ever take her place? Things are personal now. She is an A1 game dime piece to Buttabean. Other chicks just want dick. But she is satisfied with just Buttabean. He loves the little trips they take out of town. Once they hit the motel with a bottle, then you know it’s going down. Ladies, can your man do it like that?

He wants to see her smile. He’s nothing like her man. Her man is not the right one for her. He is everything she needs. Her friends don’t understand that her man is a waste of time and energy.

Buttebean knew that she was unique from the moment he met her. On the streets she is his lady and at home she is his freak. Her essence is what makes her steelo. Buttabean never had a woman that made him feel like this. All the ladies get pissed and want to take her spot. But that won’t happen. His goal is to make her happy. Location does not matter.

Buttabean will never let her down. He sees potential in her. She has real potential to be his down ass chick. Enough to cont the stacks he makes and ride in his brand new whip. Let the haters get sick. That don’t matter. He just wants to see her smile. He ain’t nothing like her man.

I Just Want Some Ass is about Buttabean’s quest for some rear end both figuratively and literally. The beat is as fresh as a brand new Chevy Camaro riding in a car commercial. The song can still fresh today as it was back in 2008.

Since the first time Buttabean seen her, he fell in love with her demeanor. He really does need her. She could be his señorita or caramel queen. She could be a preppy school girl walking in tight jeans. It seems she never trusted him all that much. People talk behind her back and call her a slut. She slept with plenty of other guys who didn’t know her. He protects her. He’s around for the good stuff but doesn’t understand everything else.

Buttabean doesn’t really love her or like her. He just wants some ass. Badly.

He would fuck her but yes scared of getting an STD. She finds out that Buttabean is a bad guy as time goes by. She can act real tough and pretend all day that she never gave a damn. But we all know she really cares. All Buttabean wanted was to make her smile. That other guy she is having sex is a stupid motherfucker who she should not be giving it up to. He’s down for her because she is one cool ass broad. She tried to play a player like Buttabean.

I Never Asked For This is about how Buttabean never asked for this life and things are the way they are. I Never Asked For This came from his 2008 album/mixtape Texas Slang Reloaded.

Buttabean never asked for this life. It’s just the way that it is. He never imagined that this pain would happen. Buttabean contemplates on how he could live a normal life and let his “Buttabean persona” fade away by giving up rapping. He could let his dreams fall apart and raise a family. Trade in his Mercedes Benz and roll in a Camry instead. He could get a real job. He’s not selling out by selling his soul. He gets what he wants by working hard and going for the gold. Buttabean’s not giving up.

What keeps Buttabean alive is the thought of success. He plans to give his momma a big house and his girl a nice dress. All the stress pent up from all the years of living life while swallowing his pride. That just brings him to tears. That’s why he has been fighting this life. He is a man with glory searching for a dream. Hypothetically he could sell drugs and give up on recording music. He is well aware of this. The thought of cash easily influences him. But sadly money never lasts. You know they say fast money never lasts for too long. Buttabean never asked for this life. It’s just the way that it is. He never imagined all this. He just goes through with all it.

It’s so hard to tell the real from the fake. Buttabean has to be rude as he has a point to make. He could do more shows and concerts for publicity. Buttabean is new to the music game. He never asked for this life but he lives it well.

Remember Them Days reminds me of Gonna Be Alright by San Antonio rap group P.K.O. That’s what the ballad sounds like in that song except this version is an acoustic cover of The Floaters – Float On which is what Remember Them Days samples. Buttabean delves into the past from childhood on this song of his. Remember Them Days was written in 2006. This song came from the 2007 album Buttabean – The Album.

Buttabean remembers them days where he would float away. Things wouldn’t be the same. If he never did crime or got in this game. He tried to change as a boy as he grew into a man. Buttabean did that by himself without a helping hand. But a few people that he knew helped him through the struggle. They helped him through the struggles of life. He never understood what it took to teach him right from wrong. He thanked those who helped him for everything.

His father told him no man could do it but himself. That was his father’s way of teaching him to be self-sufficient. His father says, “If you want to make money quit helping yourself. Other people work hard just to pay the bills. And if you keep it up, you might wind up killed.”

Buttabean was a hardheaded boy who wanted a good life. He put the pen to the paper. That is when and where he became a rapper.

Buttabean remembers the days of the past where him and his brothers were acting an ass. They were acting up, skipping school, and getting into trouble. His brothers wanted pass school though. Buttabean did not like school. He did not try and did not apply himself. He was already into a life of crime at an early age. He put the pen to the paper and mixed rock music with rap. That is when and where he became a rapper.

His older brother was a smart guy full of knowledge. That’s the reason he was off to college to further his education. Buttabean has it like him but he chose to use his knowledge in his music instead. That is the message in some of his music.

His little sister was the shit. She could never do wrong or do no harm. She’s been fucked in the head for a little bit too long. By drugs of course. Buttabean tells his little sister that she is too strong to live her life with no goals. There is no one to blame for the road she chose.

Life was simple as a kid. Buttabean remembers no worries or pain. He never knew as a child that this world would change. These days are so rough. There is no love or comfort. Kids with guns and hate.

The Bad Son teaches us that everyone has hardships, things in their life that make them who they are, and have struggles. The song has a sad heartbreaking vibe due to the piano that is used. This song is also Buttabean’s life story. A small anecdote of his life and the soundtrack to his life. He breaks every little aspect of his life into detail. The Bad Son came from the 2007 album Buttabean – The Album.

Buttabean tells us this educational fact at the very beginning of this song. “Everyone has hardships, things in their life that make them who they are. Some people take these things for granted. Live life to the fullest.”

This is Buttabean’s life story. Buttabean was born September 11, 1978. Sometimes he wishes it was his date of death. He was born a dysfunctional child into a dysfunctional family. He didn’t understand why. His father said he was way too wild. A fat little kid. Angry at the world so he fed his face. Not to mention the lack of attention from his parents and peers. He got bad grades. Then the attention was given at the swing of a hand. That taught him to be his own man. So he robbed the old and young.

Now he works hard to show what he’s worth. People hate like he’s better off in church. He is trying to see some type of life that he can possibly salvage. Most people need love but Buttabean can live without that.

His mind is crowded with fear as he feels his time is coming. The Grim Reaper is on his trail. His lifespan shortens every time he ends up in jail. Jail hath no fury. Hell hath no fury. Life may not be worth much but he knows it’s worth living.

Keep Your Eyes Open has a chilling vibe due to the viola selection and shakers used. The song teaches men to be aware and keep their eyes open on untrustworthy females.

She says he can trust her. But Buttabean doesn’t think that he can. She wants all his love. She should get the back of his hand for showing disrespect. He let all those other hoes go. Buttabean doesn’t need the drama. He’s sweet as a Jolly Rancher but he’s mean to her. There’s such a thin line between love and hate. Clearly her motives are fake. She was just after his money. Buttabean makes it clear to her she ain’t getting a fucking dime. Love will make you blind but Buttabean has seen the light.

Keep your eyes open. Don’t trust a soul. Keep moving.

Buttabean wonders if he can make it in this life. Can he handle life alone? He has his eyes open. He doesn’t trust a hoe.

She doesn’t care about the despair, pain, and anguish Buttabean has been through all while dealing with her ass. Buttabean is sick of fake bitches. It’s time for a change. It’s a hard thing to two because he cares for her. He can only say goodbye. So it’s fair for her. Buttabean makes it clear to her that she’s a waste of time. A man’s lost cause. Most relationships are pure but not theirs. He was warned about her. But little did he know she had the talent to deceive.

It Feels So Good is known for its mixing and turntablism. The DJ uses some killer cuts on this song. The song explores the pleasures and joys of having sexual intercourse. It Feels So Good came from the 2005 album called Texas Slang.

Missing You More is a guitar driven country rap tune about missing that person you love more as each day goes on by.

I Never Wanted To Let Go deals not being able to let go of that person you love or once loved. You never wanted that person to leave or let go. You’re afraid of letting go because you don’t know if they will come back into your life. You are met with uncertainty. The pain is unfathomable to hold.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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