Review: Master P – Only God Can Judge Me

Only God Can Judge Me showcased the more religious side of Master P with Christian themed songs such as Only God Can Judge Me and Ghetto Prayer. You also have your lyrical songs such as Return of da Don, Say Brah, Stop Playing Wit Me, Ice on My Wrist, Y’all Don’t Want None, and Oh Na Nae. Many regarded this album as not of Master P’s greatest efforts. However there is a balance with the production and guest artists spotlight. But the guest artists take most of the spotlight.

Master P showcased his religious side when he performed a Hail Mary in style, melody, and tune of Aaliyah – If Your Girl Only Knew. You can hear Master P as he prays in the background.

The Hail Mary is sung in the same melody as the chorus to Aaliyah – If Your Girl Only Knew.

{Master P prays in the background}
Our father, who art in heaven
Hallowed be thy name
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done
On earth, as it is in heaven

{singing part comes in} + {Hail Mary spoken over}
Now I lay me down to sleep..
I pray the Lord.. my soul to keep..
And if I die before I wake..
I pray the Lord.. my soul to take..

It was plain and obvious to tell that Master P and No Limit were trying to imitate that sound Cash Money Records was blowing up with at the end of the 20th century in 1999 with the song Ice On My Wrist. Ice On My Wrist is about expensive watches. Quite futuristic and dated at the same time.

It was plain and obvious to tell that Master P was trying to imitate that sound Cash Money Records was blowing up with in 1999 especially with the lyrics. He even used popular term “Bling Bling” in the song. Read these lyrics.

I’m just a young nigga hanging with the thug niggas
Rollin with the drug dealers now they wanna mug niggas
Ghetto Fabulous I mean we ballin
I represent the 3rd Ward, Calliope, New Orleans
If the price is on sale then I’ma buy it
Niggas talkin bout they bigger than No Limit don’t try it
No Limit don’t stunt, or front, we got bank
I put that on the tank, and about 72 minks
In the closet, you want it we got it
Y’all leasin, we buyin, No Limit soldiers raise your Rolex high
My cousin Hot Boy just got out the pen
And check his wrist I mean he sitting on I-10
Bling Bling with a 2000 big body
Hit the club and the girls get rowdy rowdy
Humvees on stretch, Ferrari’s and ‘Vette’s
And a Rolls in the garage that I ain’t even drove yet

The ice on my wrist shine like a light
I can brighten up your day even at night

Crazy Bout Ya is a Mercedes/Ms. Peaches/Master P trio. The song explains why the two are crazy about each other emotionally. They are crazy for one another.

Master P (Mercedes) talking:

Mercedes Mercedes I’m home boo
Look what I got for you baby
(Look get this up out of my face
I told you I don’t want anything to do with your dirty money)
(I’m telling you, you need to change your life)
Man you trippin on me? and I’m out here trying to have something for us?
(Cause when it all boiles down it’s gonna be me crying)
Man you ain’t gotta worry about that
Oh you think your better than me now?
I’m outta here girl

Mercedes going insane without her man. She can’t help herself. She doesn’t want anybody else because she is so crazy about him. Mercedes do anything to see him.

Mercedes never forgets the first day they met. She was so crazy about him. She beeped him her pager all the days just to hear him say, “Someday we will be together.” He makes Mercedes have these funny feelings. This is because he shows her that real type of love. Mercedes just loves herself a thug.

The feelings her man has for her are hard to explain to her. He will do anything for her. He’d die for her. He is so crazy about her. He tells Mercedes, “Just give me a chance and I promise never to lie to you. I would be the best for you. Complete any task for you. Any wrong doing, I swear, I’d do the time for you. I could feel your pain that’s why it’s easy to cry for you. So please don’t leave me because I can’t breath without you.”

Mercedes took care of the situation when her man got caught by the feds. She was waiting on his phone call every while lying alone in your bed. People tell Mercedes her man is not worth it. But it is so hard to explain.

Mercedes kept everything fresh for him. Mercedes kept everything best for him. She counted all the figures his cash for him. She continued the business for him. It was Mercedes that paid the bail for him and collected all the mail for him. He trusts her with his life. That is why he can’t wait for her to be his wife. No one could ever take his place with all the memories they share. Nothing else can compare. Mercedes is hiding her pride and what she is feeling inside.

Ms. Peaches going insane without her man. She can’t help herself. She doesn’t want anybody else because she is so crazy about him. Mercedes do anything to see him.

D.I.G. killed his verses on Step to Dis. That is an undeniable fact that many No Limit fans can dispute. You could hear the fury and fire that was inside of his verses as a lyricist and rapper.

Here come dem boys out the bricks, a-lil-daddy whassup
You say you bout trigger play, now show me that you a thug
I ain’t wit that mouthin off, I’m out spillin your blood
Mess around if you wanna box, gon’ stay in the mud
No Limit soldiers known for bustin it up
Better tell him it’s real, we be tossin it up
So if you step to these soldiers I think you better show some love
Cause we 99 strong, and we nuttin but thugs
And pistols bein cocked at all times
And when you run up you gon’ fall down
Cause I’ma hit you with the heat and make you calm down
You ain’t ready to go to war with a real soldier
So don’t step to me fool, cause the game is over

Whassup man?
I think you need to back up off me brah
Cause right now, I’m not feelin too good
And I have a attitude problem
You might push that button to strike that nerve
So you need to just go ‘head on and back up

I rate this album 3/5***!

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