Review: Buttabean – Underground Champ

Underground Champ is one of Buttabean’s best albums of all times next to his Psycho Therapy album, The Diary of Bean, and his 2007 album. This has a slice of life theme. It has everything from hustling to get out of the struggle of dealing with every day poverty to tales of stardom. Country rap can’t get any better than this. Buttabean is the Bubba Sparxxx of Waco, Texas. Underground Champ was released on Wreckin The Mic Recordz in 2005.

Buttabean marks his entry with the opening track Underground Champ. He goes on to brag about how he is best rapper out of Waco, Texas. The song is a bragging rights type of song. He is going nowhere but up. On this song he raps in the flow, manner, and cadence of Z-Ro.

They say Buttabean is the best rapper out of Waco, Texas. He keeps his composure by smoking dosia (marijuana). He feels like his life is running circles around him. He feels like he’s been lost in these woods and nobody has found him. Buttabean has a bounty on his head because he pisses people off.

It’s been a long walk. You need to put yourself in his shoes before you say anything about him. Buttabean was kicked out of the trailer at age 15. He hustled hard to get cash. The only thing he could do is talk shit and be himself. He was having himself too much of a good time in a life of crime. Money was on his mind. Buttabean was a hustler that was born with a heart. A spark went off in his head while in jail. He realized he needed to turn his life around and change before things got worse.

Buttabean is the underground champ that is rolling on 20’s with money in his hand. Listen to his music. It only gets better.

He’s wasted time on a wasted youth. He speaks the truth in the recording booth. It’s time to move. Now he is a CEO living in a house by himself. The game is set for him. His lyrics are on fire. (His lyrics are fire.) Buttabean is the best of the best.

At the end of the song, Buttabean calls out gimmick rappers who are talking shit out on the street. Wreckin The Mic Recordz keeps it strictly underground. They don’t have to have some big ass studio to show off or stand out. Fuck everybody who has doubted Buttabean and Wreckin The Mic Recordz.

White Boys is about how white rappers have changed the genre of rap music. White rappers have changed the game and opened new doors.

The music industry opened up new doors and suddenly white rappers are the shit. Eminem is making moves by changing the whole game. ICP is still wrecking up shit and are still insane. He claims himself because he is just the same as they are wholeheartedly. Chicks love his tracks. Buttabean loves hitting these streets. He’s a boss. Fans follow him with pride. The game would be lacking in emotion without him. People used to say he was wasting his time and was never going to make it. Buttabean gets better as time goes by. At first he was wack but now he’s better than most rappers. (At least around the Waco area.) Either way, he’s holding it down for the city of Waco.

He is a white boy searching for fame. Now the white boys are in the game, things have changed. Things are changing. He was at his peak when this song was written and recorded. Buttabean knows 10% more of those who went to college. He is positive about his direction in life. Money on his mind gives him erections at night. It hurts him when people say he can’t rap because he is white. Reverse racism isn’t right. Give him a change to shed light on the subject he is rapping about.

Creepin’ has a mysterious yet sinister rock n roll type of vibe. The song is about robbery and theft. Buttabean plays the role of a robber who is stealing various items throughout the song. People get hurt in the process of these robberies committed by him. The song uses a mean bass guitar that is often heard in rock music.

Look at Buttabean now as he is creeping through your house. He is looking for a way to shut you up. Look at all the light shinning on your neck, chest, and forehead. He tried to tell you that there’s no help for you now. You tried to escape but Buttabean captured you and left you tied up. Now there is no way you get loose and go to the authorities for help. Don’t move and run for the exit. If you move, he’ll put a bullet hole where your chest is. You won’t live to see breakfast. Besides Buttabean doesn’t want to clean up the mess. Just give him the combination code to open your safe and he’ll be ready to go. He needs some cash flow to fill his pockets.

See Buttabean creeping through your house late at night with a black ski mask on. His gun’s cocked back and ready to blast.

Police sirens can be heard at the 1:25 mark in the song. Oh damn! The 5-0 is close by. Buttabean had just finished robbing a school of their goods. He’s not ready to die. But he will if has to as he is not going to live that jail life. No jail cell is going to hold him. He has to be a free man. It’s fucked up here in Texas. Buttabean said, “Fuck the police.” and now he’s back in jail the next day. He pays a bond to stay out of jail. You know next week he’ll be back in jail exceedingly fast. He’s going to smash the face of the snitch who saw him. That’s right, bitch. Keep walking.

See Buttabean creeping through your house late at night. His gun’s cocked back and ready to blast.

Now he is headed to his house to relax and chill. He prays to God that he doesn’t find someone else to kill. He will kill if he has to as he is just that crazy. He is looking for a lick in these streets to pay him. He’ll rob you and your family. Your family is mad at him.

It’s some twisted deranged complete insanity. A car approaches your home. Someone gets out of the car. It’s Buttabean and he takes all the shit that doesn’t belong to him. He’ll be in history books in no time as one of the greatest. If Buttabean sees something he wants, you bet your sweet ass he is going to get it. Buttabean don’t play as a he’s all about his business. Don’t test him as he might bust you.

Just Another Day is your run of the mill slice of life song. Perfect to relax to. The song calms the mood for this album after Creepin’ got everything riled up. It’s just another day in Waco.

It’s just another day chilling in Waco. Buttabean is rolling in his ride and checking out the hoes. He keeps on pimping and his game stays tight. Just another party with Wreckin The Mic Recordz. Buttabean is fresh off the scene. He’s a cold kind of fella. The rap game is something he rules. A g with precision and a man with a mission is something he is planning to be. He’s real clever with his rhymes. What he says is the truth and is not fiction. When it comes to being thugged out, Buttabean is the coolest.

Stacking Change is a rags to riches tale about how Buttabean got himself out of poverty. Stacking Change is all about getting money.

Buttabean was living in his car at one point in his life. Since the day he got his first glock, he has been a real tight soldier. Money was on his mind. Buttabean was a hustler that was born with a heart. He put his foot deep in this game. However his life of crime caught up with him as he got arrested and was placed in jail. A spark went off in his head while in jail. He realized he needed to turn his life around and change before things got worse. His life was in shambles. He turned to music as his outlet for revenue.

Buttabean stacking change. That’s a damn shame. He remembered the time when he was living in his car. Then things turned around. He’s come so far. People were all up on his jock. Hoes were on his cock. He released another album and pressed that album on CD for these fucking retards. A dirty trailer trash type of pimp is what people viewed him as.

Even at 10 years old he couldn’t stand to be broke. He couldn’t cope with the reality of not having any money. He couldn’t cope with the cycle of poverty. Every day he wondered why this was happening to him and his family. As you may know his life was already in shambles. Not a dollar in sight. So he resorted to robbery as a means of collecting material possessions and goods. Video game consoles such as XBOX, PlayStation, and Gamecubes were what he stole. Safes were another of the many things he had stolen.

He is a money making dynasty and an underground champ. You can ask him how it feels to be stacking change.

Til The Curtain Closes showcases Buttabean’s resilience. He’s always been a hard worker. He’s never giving up until the day that he’s gone. Buttabean knows that he was born to wreck the microphone. Life is just a struggle full of hurt and pain. You have to maintain your life until the curtain closes. Keep your head up. You have to stay on your grind to shine.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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