Review: 504 Boyz – Ballers

The 504 Boyz – Ballers album was the definition of commercial pop rap sound of 2002. This is because Master P shifted towards releasing albums with more of a commercial pop rap sound for the No Limit Records label. This changed the sound and direction of No Limit Records. No Limit was influenced by the crossover market during that time. So don’t be shocked to find out this album is a contrast departure from the Goodfellas album that was released in 2000.

The 504 Boyz – Ballers album was a family affair all right. In fact some of the rappers including his own son outshine Master P. Unfortunately for Master P, his own son outshines his father on each song that he is featured on such as Tight Whips and Get Back.

Everywhere I Go is about how people are always constantly asking Curren$y questions. Curren$y has to deal with haters and naysayers everywhere he goes. All because he flows so tight. Ezell Swang produced Everywhere I Go which was used on the 2002 album 504 Boyz – Ballers.

A lot of niggas are saying they don’t like Curren$y because he flows so tightly, His wrist wear glows so brightly. But Curren$y ain’t gonna quit. Niggas know he goes hard in the paint. He won’t settle for shit.

You might see Curren$y on the block pull up in a 720′ Bentley with a drop or doing donuts in a Viper. He probably won’t quit until he burns the grip off his tires.

Curren$y is going to take a vacation with a couple of honeys on the yacht today. And later on tonight. Curren$y is the don of this rap shit. His album is going platinum. Y’all niggas is going double plastic. Shit will get tragic if one of you fools choose to make him use his automatic. You don’t want to hear the sounds of click-clack-blow. He is here to show you how he gets down.

Now everywhere he goes people ask constantly ask him questions such as where he lives for. He tells the people who ask him questions, “Money, hoes and clothes is all a nigga know. And when I get my chips, you know what I’m a go and get. A house and kicks. And a couple of whips.”

Now when he pulls up niggas running like Trans cars. That’ll buck backwards in a black Jaguar. You niggas is actors. Hot Spitter is the truth. Curren$y sets fire to the mic, when he step in the booth of the recording studio. There is no one like in around town in New Orleans, Louisiana. You don’t want none of Curren$y because he is the man. Why do you niggas want to rhyme like Curren$y? You can’t spit like you lost just a life or a grand. Watch the women run behind his jeep when he leaves the recording studio. Now peep him. Stay smooth and calm.

Members of 504 Boyz and Afficial brag about how they are living the good life with their good lavish lifestyle on the track My Life is Sweet.

Their life is sweet. You could tell by the Benz, the Beamers, and the Jeeps with big wheels and big grills which make them people say oooh-weee. Custom made Bentleys with TV’s and mink seats too. Afficial raps slowly up on the block with a gun and a package as they are putting in work in the streets and in the studio. All the product of speed to match Master P’s work ethic. See all these chicks wanna get with Afficial.

I thought I told you. The flow don’t stop. And it ain’t No Limit on the stage if the show don’t rock. There ain’t No Limit on the stage. You can still catch Afficial up in them clubs in that 2K3 Yukon sitting up on them dubs. When S-Flames gows to the lot, they call S-Flames Connect Four because he bought four cars with four doors. He spent another million dollars to put diamonds on the grill. He gets paid every month like child support. It’s real. While you cats come up slow like Lamborghini doors, you might see S-Flames in a Range Rover or a Porsche Lamborghini by himself or with the members of Afficial depending on the case or situation.

S-Flames lyrics are playful and whimsical here. Read his lyrics.

When I go to the lot, they call me Connect Four
Cause I bought four cars on the road, with four doors
Spend another mill, put diamonds on the grill
Push a button, and my gun pop out the steering wheel
It’s real, stack dough and make more
While you cats come up slow, like Lamborgini doors
You might see me in a Range, you might see me in a Porsche
I get paid every month, like child support

Yukon was lit with the punchlines in his lyrics. Read his lyrics.

You can still, catch me up in them clubs
In that 2K3 Yukon, sitting up on them dubs
Since they wanna know, about my whip
I’ma tell em like this, I got enough keys to start a dealership
Now how they think they floss toys
When we in places, so far from home they call us the Lost Boys

With Me was a duo track with Choppa and Curren$y. Master P featured on this track also.

Now Choppa be marching like a soldier with No Limit army right behind him. On that Westbank is where you might find him. He’s all about getting that dolla. mHe can pull a Prada model, t-shirt holla wobble wobble. Later during the beginning of the song is where Choppa is at the club. He pops a bottle at the bar. The henny is turning green after being mixed.

We in the club pop a bottle, at the bar
Tell your girl stop tripping, she could holla at a star
Hypnotic in the car, is all I need to get mean
We could mix it
Like one say, left to the right right, to the left left, to the right
Let me see you bounce with me, East to the West
North to the South, back to the house, come blow a ounce with me

[Hook – 2x]
All my soldiers with me (yeah)
All my whodis with me (yeah)
If you hustle hard for a nigga praying (yeah)
My soldierettes with me (yeah)
My independent women (yeah)
Them hoes hatin’ cause you looking good (hell yeah)

Things gets wild like New Orleans during Mardi Gras on the second verse. Read the lyrics below.:

Everybody throw your dranks up, soldiers throw your tanks up
Hit the flo’, wild out, everybody drink something
It’s your set, throw it up, show me where the fuck you from
What you drinking mix it with this, hit this weed and have some fun
Girls got they butts up, y’all know what’s up
We drinking this straight out the bottle, whodi put them cups up
I’m from the home of the Queen, that they call Anna

Who’s up next? Curren$y is! Curren$y came to represent New Orleans, Louisiana. He at gets a chance to showcase his lyrical skills. He showcases his lyrical abilities and skills with his rhymes.

Curren$y pulls up in a big truck on a set of twenty three’s (23 inch rims aka 23’s). He has $20,000 of cash in the pocket of his P. Miller jeans. Playa hatas are mad as they wish they could rid of him. He is always on the radio. He keeps the burner with him as he never on the streets without it. The women form a crowd around the limo as Curren$y hops out it.

And my money hell-a-long, cause I just got a check from P
Huh bitches to Hot Spitter, you fuck around if you want
And watch how quick a nigga, send you to the hospital
Stick this baretta to your braids, me and my soldiers
Sticking together like Franky Beverly and me

These lyrics showed how Curren$y was the hot spitta. “And my money hell-a-long, cause I just got a check from P/Huh bitches to Hot Spitter, you fuck around if you want”

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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