Review: Jamie Foxx – Unpredictable

Jamie Foxx – Unpredictable is one steamy seductive romantic R&B album that is one of the best R&B/soul albums from 2005. One could call this album “seductual”. The album has heated steamy romantic bedroom ballads such as DJ Play A Love Song, Can I Take U Home, and Unpredictable. Slow jams can be heard sporadically on this album. His album is driven by sensual R&B production. Not to mention that he gets kinky at times on most of his songs.

Jamie Foxx had certainly grown as an artist and singer since his last album. For example, the production is more enhanced and louder than his debut album. You can actually hear his clear tenor vocals. He experiments with using other genres such as jazz on songs such as Extravaganza.

Can I Take U Home is the best Jamie Foxx on the album. The song Can I Take U Home is a heated steamy romantic bedroom ballad with crystal clear sensual R&B production. Notice the slow pace and tempo. The song is about Jamie wanting to know if he can take the lady he has his eyes to her home so they can commence to love making.

This lady knows what Jamie wants. He knows what she wants. There are many ladies in the room. All that Jamie can see is her. This lady is a dime piece in the place. But she came through and took the cake. He wants her to let him into her life. He wants to prove it to her one on one. So Jamie asks her, “Can I take you home, girl? Jamie’s plans are to get her all alone and kiss her like he wants to.”

Jamie finds himself staring at this lady eye to eye. He tells her he is nothing like these other guys and he is not here to waste her time. He doesn’t want to leave unless she is leaving with him. Jamie believes believe in fate. It’s like heaven sent her to be the one for him and to be with him.

Storm (Forecast) is another heated steamy romantic bedroom ballad crystal clear sensual R&B production. The bass and beats are on point. You can hear quite a bit of quiet storm on the song. The song is about Jamie and his lover having sex in the rain.

Jamie has got nothing but his t-shirt and boxers on. He is waiting for his lover to get home. It’s been sunny outside all day. He can’t wait for it to storm. He wants to feel her raindrops fallin’ down all on him. That thunder from down under surrounding him. Coming down hard pounding him. He wants it soaking wet all over the bed. Jamie wants the rain to come.

Lights out like a power outage cause of the lighting in her bedspring showers. He can feel the mist every time they kissed. Just didn’t know a downpour like this. There’s a flash flood warning until they wake up in the morning. The weatherman said there’ll be puddles in the bed. The weatherman said it’s cloudy skies right there between her thighs Jamie is pluckin’ for scattered showers for about an hour.

The bridge is the kinky part of the song that is not too explicit.

Girl the weatherman said…
It’s cloudy skies, right there between your thighs
I’m pluckin’ for scattered showers, for about an hour
Rain on me tonight
Now let me love you (love you and soon I wanna kiss you)
And girl let me kiss you, (all over you) let me
Sex youuu, (I just want you to) rain on meeee, yeah

DJ Play A Love Song is the mid tempo heated steamy romantic bedroom ballad that is driven by sensual R&B production. The song is perfect to unwind down to especially at night. Romantic is one word to describe the song. This song was insanely popular on radio stations internationally during the mid-00s from 2005 to 2008. The song is about a girl not wanting be with her current man. She has her eyes on Jamie. Jamie senses things are not right at home. So he asks the DJ to play her a love song.

Jamie’s romance senses are tingling. That is what these lyrics imply. “She’s looking at me kinda hard, I can tell that things/Ain’t right on the home front/What she really needs is a G like me to beat it, beat it”

He can see how she want it baby. This lady wishes her man wasn’t here with her. Homeboy can’t please her. Jamie sees this. Curiosity has got her wanting to try Jamie. She wants to bump and grind on this wall in the open. She wouldn’t care if the crowd was watching. Jamie has gotta notion to pull her ass up outta here. This is because his horny senses are tingling.

Jamie senses things are not right at home. So he asks the DJ to play her a love song. He tells the DJ, “DJ, won’t you play this girl a love song? She really needs to hear this freaking love song. She’s looking at me kinda hard. I can tell that things in’t right on the home front. What she really needs is a G like me to beat it.”

Jamie has things he wants to tell her privately. So he asks her to meet him in the bathroom so they can pull a freaky episode. Jamie has got his Beretta if the nigga come through. Jamie senses things are not right at home. He is aware that her man is not treating her right. She tells Jamie she has so many things she wants to say but not out in public.

There should have been a more explicit version of the song with explicit lyrics used. That is what should have happened.

Here is how the chorus to the more explicit version of the song should have gone.

[Chorus: Jamie Foxx]
DJ, won’t you play this girl a love song
She really needs to hear this fucking love song
She’s looking at me kinda hard, I can tell that things ain’t right on the home front
What she really needs is a G like me to beat it, beat it

Or like this.

[Chorus: Jamie Foxx]
DJ, won’t you play this girl a love song
She really needs to hear this fucking love song
She’s looking at me kinda hard, I can tell that things ain’t right on the home front
What she really needs is a G like me to beat it, beat it
So beat it
I want it

Jamie Foxx and Kanye West experimented with using other genres such as jazz on the song such as Extravaganza. The piano sounded like a grand piano you would hear in an orchestra or at a lounge where jazz music is played. The song was about Jamie ending up at the Embassy Hotel with this lady from Memphis, Tennessee because he had one too many drinks.

Last night Jamie Foxx and his dogs were hanging out. They were tired of being cramped up in the house. They were simply celebrating life off from work today. But all those ups and downs had Jamie in a twist. He started dancing with this model chick and then every record became his favorite song. That is all that Jamie remembers because he had one too many drinks and ended up at the Embassy Hotel with this pretty little thing from Memphis, Tennessee. It was a one night extravaganza.

When he woke up from last night’s avowtry, the lady was laying next to him. Shoes and clothes were scattered everywhere. He got dressed and got up out of there. But not before he called for himself a cab. Jamie was hung over from all the drinks he had.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

Review: Jamie Berry – Frenzy

Frenzy by Jamie Berry is one of the more colorful electro swing albums from the United Kingdom. The album has a jazzy sound and touch with modernized electronic production. Ladies and gentlemen!Look at this amazing album!

Sophie Cinnamond wants her man to talk to her and get her heart back on track. That is the storyline of Walk With Me. You can feel that bass swipe through you as you listen to the song.

Sophie Cinnamond wants her man to talk to her. She asks her man, “Won’t you walk with me?” She also tells her man, “Talk with me. Feel that bass go swipe through me. Swing it now. Spring it back. Turn my heart right back on track.” Her man caught her eye on the side. She also tells him. “Steal the dance, go side to side. Now you know that we’re the show. Round and round and round we go! Walk with me. Talk with me. Feel that bass go swipe through me.

Heather tells the man who is going to love her that she is going to be there regardless of any outcome whether good or bad on Mind Games. She will keep holding on those memories of you and her.

Heather Melgram is the stranger in the night. She’ll be your love you won’t devise. She waits for you to understand. Heather will fall but she will stand.She will break but she will mend. Keep holding the memories. Playing with those mind games. Heather going to be there for you regardless of any outcome whether good or bad She waited for you to understand.

Georgia Thursting discusses how her man is pushing her to the edge of insanity with the song Bolder. Georgia Thursting has that soft sweet Southern soul rasp in her voice.

This man Georgia Thursting is dating is making himself out to be a saint. But she knows he ain’t no saint. What a way to distract her. He keeps on pulling her to the edge of insanity. What else can Georgia do? She is a little bit bolder with her man she is dating.

He keeps on confusing her brain which has got her jumpin’. Electricity has got her feelin’ so insane. She is kinda glad he tried. He got her thinkin’ this ain’t love but she is alive. He keeps on pulling her to the edge of insanity. Oh what humanity.

Emma Lea discusses how toxic her relationship with her man is on the song Devil In The Detail. You know. The old ball and chain relationship. He is the ball and chain that is holding her down and keeping herself back.

He’s got Emma feeling and almost believing that he is her old ball and chain. He’s got Emma screaming when I should be dreaming about stage lights and sipping champagne. Emma is through with him. She makes this message about how she through with him by telling him, “It’s over. I’m through with you. I paid my dues. Never been addicted as you.”

Emma’s limo is waiting on her to leave so she can board onto the plane for her flight. There’s no time for any debating. She is off to get fortune and fame. No rose-tinted glasses and moonlight dances can stop Emma from catching her plane.

Liberate is about wanting to escape because everyone needs need a change of scenery and needs a place to be. Electro swing songstress Alice Francis sings on the song with such grace and elegance despite the loud instrumentation overlapping her vocals.

Alice Francis here has a very important statement. It’s time to liberate. We need a change of scenery. We need a place where we can be free. Everyone needs a change of scenery and everyone needs a place where they can be free. Like Alice and Lizard. Her words and her bed. Her fiends in her head. They kind of freak Alice out. There ain’t no space. She needs a change of scenery and a place to be free. Let Alice drink from your sweet potion. She is not afraid. Take Alice to the great wide open. Follow the rabbit’s lead to the other side.

I rate this album 4/5****!

Review: MC Hammer – Funky Headhunter

Funky Headhunter by MC Hammer was a hilarious attempt to cash in on the gangsta rap era of the mid-1990s which is what MC Hammer did with this album when dropped the “MC” from his name. This album is a lot more aggressive and G-Funk oriented than his other releases. Now the album has some classic goodies such as Pumps and a Bump, Oaktown, and Somethin Bout the Goldie.

Hammer took a nostalgic trip down memory land on the song Oaktown. Hammer took a little trip down memory lane when brothers played nothing but the dope game. You’re bound to get jumped and smoked in a place called Oakland. Keep in mind whenever they go out to grind.

Hammer attempted to shed his pop friendly image with the more aggressive, sexually suggestive song Pumps and a Bump. This was his attempt to cash in on the gangsta rap trend of the 90s and the G-Funk era. He raps about how he likes girls with big asses with catchy repetitive chorus that goes, “Pumps and a bump, pumps and a bump/We like the girls with the pumps and a bump!” Some may interpret this as shots to MC Hammer.

Somethin Bout the Goldie in Me is one of the more calmer and less aggressive songs on this album which show off the conniving side of MC Hammer. He explains there is something about an Oakland mack and the goldie in him that likes money.

There is something about the goldie in Hammer. There is something about an Oakland mack. It makes an OG feel phat. Somethin bout the goldie in Hammer that makes him laugh at these wannabes because they been watching too much TV. Rambo and Clint Eastwood got ya trippin. Because most OGs are in the pen or fresh out.

Hammer called out critics, haters, and opposing rappers in these lyrics. He aimed those lyrics at those who specifically dissing him. Back in 1994, Hammer was catching a lot of flack and criticism for changing his style to cash in on gangsta rap era. Rappers such as LL Cool J, MC Serch, and Black Sheep were dissing MC Hammer.

And when I hear rappers like you call me wack
I laugh and just say over twenty million sold, Can you buy that?
Yeah, Fake rappers are surreal
You don’t hear me though, I thought ya knew
I’m a certified player, You see
Cause of the girls, The girls, They love me
And no matter what my critics say
They all know that I’m mackin this fame
Cause fools can’t recognize game
I refuse to be a wannabe
Somethin bout the goldie in me, Yeah

I rate this album 4/5****!

Review: YMC – Essentials

YMC – Essentials is an essential and quintessential piece of deep house that every fans of house music should own. A bit of acid jazz is used. Also nu jazz. The album is out of this world and will instantaneously blow you away. YMC’s sound is futuristic and ethereal. This is clearly some next level house music. You can expect to hear some top quality deep house production from the Swedish deep house duo YMC on this album. YMC is so underrated and an amazing overlooked deep house duo.

Shimmery keys and windy beats are make the track Last Hour stand out in such a beautiful manner with such perfection. Heavenly is one word that can be used to describe this song and that’s an understatement. Overall this song is incredibly deep. Fans call this YMC song a gorgeous house song.

Pheedback is a bit lo-fi for a YMC track but that’s just my opinion. The song will take you on a psychedelic journey. The delays on the piano are set at a perfect pace. Not too overdone.

Phuture Vibes has some futuristic vibes and sound hence the title. Quite similar to lounge music and dance music. Many YMC fans love the song Phuture Vibes. The song is played at a tempo of 124 BPM and is performed in G♭ major.

Bluesless has a sense of sadness for such an upbeat fast paced house song. The vocals fit in with the song perfectly. The lyrics are simple. Could this be my remedy? I was feeling bluesless. You’re allowed a part of me around him with a shark net.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

Review: Jamie Berry – Light Up The Night

Jamie Berry – Light Up The Night is another one of the lesser known and obscure electro swing albums which hardly anyone knows about. Swing jazz meets nu jazz and big band on this Jamie Berry album. The virtuoso himself never fails to captivate audiences with his distinguished sounds.

Dance Dance uses chamber music and big band sounds over swing rhythms. Octavia Rose knows you’ve had the longest week because you can barely lift your feet and as you stumble along. You see a crazy place and they play a song. None of your cares exist in this place. Just escape. You know you can’t resist. You’ve become drunk to the thrill. Just step inside where time stands still. Dance until you drop. Dance to the grooves. The grooves don’t stop. Dance the night away. Give it all you’ve got. Spin, sway, dip, and twist. Tonight you belong in the bliss.

Charlie Stone is a jazzy electro swing song about a dancing man named Charlie Stone.

Where can Octavia Rose find herself a dancing man? She needs to meet a guy who moves his feet. Like he lives and breathes dancing in his seat. Where can she find herself a dancing man? If you see a guy with feet that fly, then tell him to come and find Octavia Rose by the end of the night.

She didn’t come down here to meet a guy stumbling by among to the feet. She don’t want some stiff old boy. Octavia wants a guy that will spin her right across the dance floor. Someone who just wants to have a good time. ‘Til the morning light. Octavia wants him to hold her e in his hands and make her feel the light. She wants to meet that dancing man tonight.

Octavia Rose wants you to hear the trumpets play on a song called The Trumpets.

If you’re feeling sad and blue. Come on down. We’ve got a show for you. Forget your work. Come out and play. Step inside and hear the music play. Let it wash right over you. Let you wanna let loose and move. Octavia Rose wants you to hear the trumpets play. Once you’re in, you don’t stand a chance. So just let go and do your dance.

When Octavia Rose hears that trumpet play. Her feet start tapping and her hips will sway. She can’t resist a little jive and twist. It feels like the music is going up her neck. People from around the town are queuing up just to hear that sound. Once you’re in, you don’t stand a chance. So just let go and do your dance.

A man who is dancing alone works his charm on Octavia Rose. They both end up dancing together. That is the synopsis of Boondoogle.

Octavia Rose walked into the room and saw this man there. She stole a little look, but he wouldn’t stop and stare. She passed this man by to another guy and danced about. The crowd gathered around and he acted like he didn’t care. Then their eyes finally meet. The look he gave was filled with so much heat. Suddenly he took Octavia in her arms. He knew how to work that charm on Octavia.

He said Octavia, “Won’t you be my baby? Oh, can I be your boy, baby? Oh, do you wanna be my baby? Tonight’s the night. Don’t just give me maybe. I’m begging you, baby!”

You can’t deny and can’t defy it. The way he moves. She just can’t fight it. Try to resist is a twist, They go ’round, and ’round. That’s just what Octavia is here for.

I rate this album 4/5****!

Review: MC Hammer – Too Legit to Quit

MC Hammer – Too Legit to Quit was the follow-up album to Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ’Em that Capitol Records and everyone else expected to be more successful than Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ’Em only to become a sophomore jinx selling only 3 million units. The single 2 Legit 2 Quit was the only reason why this album went 2x times platinum in the United States. 2 Legit 2 Quit and Addams Groove were some of the moderately successful singles off the album that managed to keep his name alive in the music industry and movie industry. This album incorporated pop and new jack swing over catchy lyricism.

MC Hammer explains why he is too legit to quit on the hyper uptempo dance rap song 2 Legit 2 Quit. MC Hammer went than he ever did before over 90s style dance beats and dance pattern. He is kickin’ it at the top ’cause he is too legit to quit. 2 Legit 2 Quit was the follow-up to U Can’t Touch This along with Gaining Momentum.

Gaining Momentum is a hip hop and dance combination where the sounds of hip hop/rap meet dance music. MC Hammer explains how the music has got him moving as he wants to party. With little bit of time he’ll turn it out. The message of this song was to dance and express yourself. MC Hammer was gaining momentum and getting hype with this song despite it not actually being a since. In a way, Gaining Momentum was the follow-up to U Can’t Touch This.

Addams Groove was another moderately successful song on this album that spawned off into a single. This showed the more horrorcore side of MC Hammer.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

Review: Beat Demons ‎– Ghetto Jazz

Beat Demons ‎– Ghetto Jazz is an abstract jazz album with a trip hop electronic sound. The sounds of electronic music, jazz, and hip hop all meet each other on this album. Think hip hop with a jazzy sound. Sadly this is not a full length album but rather an EP instead. Many people think Ghetto Jazz is a full album, but sadly that is not the case. Either way, Ghetto Jazz is an excellent release from the New Breed label. New Breed ruled jazz hop in the 90s. Alex Brofsky wrote all the music.

Desperado uses a jazzy trumpet ensemble to accompany the electronic sound and beats. A trumpet is used throughout the whole song. Desperado uses samples from the western film Desperado and the 1976 film Taxi Driver which can be heard at the beginning of this song.

Jazz Selecta uses the jazz hop sound from the 90s. The jazz hop sound can be found in the instrumental. A short rap is performed. Hip hop beats meet the sound of powerful jazz music.

The sounds of Mr. Feelgood are orgasmic. Orgasmic sounds with thick bass laced over hip hop samples and a jazz instrumental. Overall Mr. Feelgood is a sexually provocative song. In case you are wondering, the vocals say, “IMMA MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD!”

Smoked Out mixes the sounds of hip hop and jazz together. The chill sounds of downtempo jazz meet 90s hip hop. Mix 90s hip hop with jazz and you can’t go wrong. The thick bass blends in perfectly with the downtempo jazz. There is no need or reason to explain why Beat Demons decided to name this song Smoked Out. The whole song is pure fire!

Alex Brofsky wrote all the music and played all the instruments on Bushta. Yazeed rhymed on the hook for Bushta. Hip hop meets jazz on Bushta. The whole song is practically an instrumental.

Hip hop meets jazz on Nighttime. Nighttime is driven by soft silent keyboard synths. The song uses upright bass. The bass is what makes this composition dope. The repeated hook says, “Spark da ‘ism for da nitetime funk/For da nighttime bump”

I rate this album 4/5****!!

Review: Balduin – Melody

Melody by Balduin is an ode to the magic of music. The lighthearted and upbeat tile track “Melody” is a remedy against all the negative headlines and takes the listener on a trip to the dancefloor. The new hymn “Wabababa” of the Electro Swing dreamteam Balduin & Masha Ray Wabababa is about making the most of it in difficult times. Let the good times because… who knows if this night is going to be repeated?

Masha Ray looks for something entertaining on the wild and wacky electro swing song called Wabababa. The song is Powered by nonsense desire and electro swing of course. The song tells people to always live up to the limit. The new hymn “Wabababa” of the Electro Swing dreamteam Balduin & Masha Ray Wabababa is about making the most of it in difficult times. Let the good times because… who knows if this night is going to be repeated?

Lately Masha Ray has been pretty lazy. You might call it crazy. But she calls it “Wabababa”. She has been feeling like a baby lately. She is lookin for someone to entertain her with something like “Wabababa”. That is what these lyrics mean: Someone entertain me With something like “Wabababa”

If that’s our freedom better drink up what is given because who knows if it’s for a decade or a minute. We’re on the edge. So always live up to the limit because who knows if this dance/night is gonna be repeated. Powered by nonsense desire. By boredom and wires. Tired of infinite lying. Of sleeping and buying.

The lighthearted and upbeat tile track “Melody” is a remedy against all the negative headlines and takes the listener on a trip to the dancefloor. Let the music take us away. Listen to the rhythm. Feel the melody.

Take a look around. Finally see what you’ve been missing. Learn to let it go. Feel it coursing through your body. Let the music take us away so we can escape. It might not be what you asked for. But Balduin knows you want it too. Follow him to the dancefloor. Listen to the rhythm. Feel the melody moving like the ocean. On waves you won’t believe.

Close your eyes and say what you see. Paradise just for you and me. Do you feel at ease? You can take the music with you. Keep it on repeat.

I rate this single 5/5*****!

Review: Att Will – Do It Att Will

Att Will – Do It Att Will was one of the most overlooked Compton rap albums of 1993 did not get much recognition or exposure it deserved. The album is laced with hard G-Funk beats and sensuous rhythms. This is classic gangster music that can certified as gangsta rap. Many consider this album to be a classic. A majority of his debut album was produced by DJ Battlecat. However there were some songs that were produced by Lo-Down.

Hoe Hopper was the legendary rap song originally performed by Att Will. During the recording of the album “Do It Att Will”, Will played tracks for Dr. Dre, with Hoe Hopper being one of them. This resulted in Dre not only liking Will, but also the song. Will was then offered a contract at Death Row Records, but would turn it down. Dr. Dre would go on to record his own version of Hoe Hopper.

Att Will is on the mic to rap about the bitches. He’ll take them in a skirt or a dress. Att Will will find his easy access. He was a pussy hog. He done fucked so many hoes in bed ’til no flows. Don’t get mad if he wants to screw your best friend too. He’s got plenty of hoes. He don’t need all these bitches bleedin’ for the dickfeed. Att Will is not draggin’ just to get a piece because he is easily cocked. Pussy is mandatory. Bitches wanna jock for the fame and glory. If he sees a hoe he likes, then he will jock. But here’s a name Att Will goes by when he’s rolling around. The Hoe Hopper.

These are the most quotable and hilarious lyrics to the song.

Pussy is mandatory
Bitches wanna jock for the fame and glory
Pussy, monkey, moose, twat, cock or whatever
I know you like it ’cause my mouth is on your titty with snow
I wanna make you cum, so I real starts to flow it like the rhythm of my rhyme
All up in you like a jalapeño makin’ you sweat

Just Another Day In Compton chronicled every day life in Compton, California in a gangsta rap manner rapped by Att Will. This song was a classic that played in constant rotation in the Compton underground.

Att Will is peepin’ out the window as the brothers begin. It’s just another day in the hub in the city of Compton, California. It’s time to make some ends. He is wiping the shit out his eyes. He opens up the closet door. His gear is on the racks and all his shoes are on the floor. Att Will believes in lookin’ nice and dougie makin’ the ladies wanna hug him. So he’s not rolling around Compton like a thug because niggas kill you for a dress code. Those are the niggas stuck in stupid mode.

Att Will is always wondering when he leave, will he make it home? But you can’t always worry. So he gets dressed in a hurry. Because life wouldn’t be the same without a little bit of danger to keep it bumpin’. It’s just another day in Compton.

Att Will heads outside because it’s time to go. He sees his niggas on the corner Greenleaf and Cuzco (East Greenleaf Boulevard and South Cuzco Avenue). Then next place he goes to is at Big Time Liquor Store at 1516 South Long Beach Boulevard. He grabs himself a couple of brews from Big Time Liquor Store. Then he macks into a hoe and grabs her a brew just like that because she’s a hood rat. He’s gotta go because a tossup ain’t his type. She’s a hype.

It’s Saturday. Att Will calls his homie and asks “What’s the haps?” He said, “I’m on Spruce by my mom’s house shooting craps.” Att Will says, “I’m on my way. I’m crossing the Willowbrook tracks past the big white Compton Court Building and I just might hit a left to Indigo and grab another sack.”

Att Will is crossing the Willowbrook tracks at South Willowbrook Avenue past the big white Compton Court Building and. South Acacia Avenue (Acacia Blocc) is kinda hot with the law. So Att Will busts back through town down Alondra Boulevard until it hits South Wilmington Avenue. It’s almost 2 PM and he ain’t fired up his weed yet.

Att Will got fools hittin’ him up like they don’t know him. But he was like that, too, with nothin’ better to do than drink a brew and roll around with the gangsta crew. So he ignored the straight flowin’ past the ponz. Then he crossed Alondra Boulevard rolling past the Wilmington Arms. That’s when he wondered how these brothers sit around in the city doin’ nothin’. It’s just another day in Compton.

He picked up Lo-Down. Dancing niggas are about to throw down over a bitch looking tossed up and towed down. So he jumps in. But first Att Will has gotta hit Speed’s house and get his gat. He’s rolling past a park. Niggas are shooting dice and playing ball. And ain’t no writing on the walls.

So they stop and check out his nigga Speed. They ended up playing domino’s, calling hoes, and smoking weed. But just then Att Will got a page from a friend. There’s a party at the Compton Ramada and they are all invited.

Att Will said, “We’ll be there.” But they need something to wear. They can’t hit the Compton Swap Meet because the whole party’s there. So they jet to the mall to get some gear and get dressed by nine with rump shakers on the mind.
They arrive at the destination at 10 PM. Lo-Down is drinking 750 IL gin. They see a crowd of hoes. So they know it’s on with the hoe hoppin’ and panty droppin’. They get inside the bar where they see his nigga Jinx. It’s time to mack. The party’s on.

Next thing you know it’s time to go because the night is gone. It’s funny how time flies when you’re having fun. There wasn’t a strap and nobody pulled out a gun. Another day in Compton, yo.

Show ‘Em How It’s Done is a hard ass gritty gangsta rap song which has some fonky ass flow. Nothing can beat 90s rap. This song has one of the best hardcore beats of 1993. Att Will shows them how it’s done of this song.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

Review: MC Smooth – Smooth & Legit: The Album

MC Smooth – Smooth & Legit: The Album is one of the best female rap albums from the year 1990. A super dope classic that most certainly extremely underrated. Her flows are exciting and attract audiences. Her flows were smooth. Her songs most certainly had bars that were fire due to her flows. MC Smooth was killing it her flows and rapping on this album. You don’t hear this kind of rap anymore. MC Smooth is the dopest female MC along with several others to ever do it.

Despite being released in 1990, her debut album has a very much 80s based sound due to the production and instrumentation. The lack of reverb is prevalent. The beats very much scream 80s or at least late 80s with those thick staccato drums and loud thick 808 beats.

She was like most female MC’s at this time. She represented West Coast female MC’s very well. Some people say MC Smooth sounds like a West Coast MC Lyte. Well that is absolutely correct because MC Smooth is a West Coast MC Lyte. MC Smooth definitely has that East Coast accent and flow when she raps. You can tell she was determined.

You Gotta Be Real showcased her epic storytelling skills, raps, and flows. Her flow was smooth on the song as is the case with the songs on this album. This just goes to show and exemplify how MC Smooth was fire from the jump. Her rapping skills are not to be played with or taken lightly. “TURN THAT DAMN MUSIC DOWN!!” was the phrase that was shouted helped make the song a memorable classic.

Some of you may remember that this song was used on the sketch comedy television series In Living Color during a skit where actors and actresses were playing golf back in 1990. This song kept her afloat during 1990 and 1991.

The song Smooth & Legit was the second single off her album that kept her name afloat during the year of 1990 on both the radio and television. This was the buzz single off her album.

Her flow was incredible and smooth on the song Smooth & Legit. Her flow was smooth on the song as is the case with the songs on this album. This just goes to show and exemplify how MC Smooth was fire from the jump and how her rapping skills are not to be played with or taken lightly.

The production on Smooth & Legit is dope. The way MC Smooth rides on the beats over an impeccable selection of samples is pure perfection without any flaws. The way the backing track drops out at 2:01 and returns when the then the bass returns at 2:33 after she says, “Well, come get some of this.” is just lovely. Well, come get some of this if you can compete with MC Smooth.

The samples used in this song were a reprogrammed breakbeat from Lyn Collins – Think (About It), Lightnin’ Rod f/Kool & The Gang – Sport, collected snares from Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam, and Tyree – Hardcore Hip House (Double Trouble Mix).

You Think You Want Some is a bragging rights braggadocious type of rap song where MC Smooth challenges rappers and emcees (MC’s) to step up if they think they can compete with her. Again she proves that her rapping skills are not to be played with or taken lightly. You can tell she was determined. There is nothing like old school rap in the world.

I rate this album 4/5****!