Review: Royal Crown Revue – Mugzy’s Move

Royal Crown Revue – Mugzy’s Move is an action-packed filled cabaret jazz album that has lively swinging elements of swing jazz. The album is filled with fast paced uptempo swing jazz numbers. This Royal Crown Revue album was inspired by classic pulp fiction movies and books. The band was proficient and energetic with their energy when recording and performing these songs. They helped bring in that swing revival.

Datin With No Dough explained how Eddie dated a woman while he had no money.

Eddie fly and flash. His jive is sweet. Pressed in pleat right to his feet. But when it comes to cash he is incomplete. That is because he is datin’ with no dough.

Eddie told the woman he is dating he wants to take her on a date on the condition that she’d have to wait because he never owned a car in the state of New York. He’ll be datin’ with no dough. The valets and the maître d’ roll out the red carpet for Eddie. His looks are deceiving because when the check comes he’ll be gone. If flash were cash he’d be a Rockefeller.

Eddie took the woman he is dating uptown to show her that he had some class. He could not pay the drink tab. You know He ended the date with her foot up his ass. She found out Eddie was a broke deadbeat and left his ass.

Trouble In Tinsel Town explained the hustle and bust of Hollywood life in Hollywood, California.

Dirty neon lights and the traffic’s cry. Footsteps echo on the street. The cheap but lovely chicks. And a sawbuck for a trick. She’ll work for a bite to eat. So where is all the glamour? Where’s that lovely starlet’s kiss? But out in TV land they dream of Tinsel Town. But I’ll tell you just what they’ve missed in the city where the night runs deep. Hustlers roll. Beat cops stroll. Seedy bars. Cats in lowered cars. That’s Hollywood while you’re asleep.

Well here comes the fog. Or is that smog? I can’t tell anymore There ain’t no welcome wagon around this town. Fred and Ethel sure the hell ain’t next door. But way out in the distance someone watches the late night show. They dream of being hip on Sunset Strip.

A song called the The Rise And Fall Of The Great Mondello explained the rise and fall of a trapeze artist known as The Great Mondello.

Ladies and gents. Your attention please. Let’s look to the flying trapeze. The Great Mondello will take to the sky! Watch him go! see him fly!

Now this wonder will start with some flips while the ladies are biting their lips. Now the tension is high as it gets. That’s right folks. There are no nets being used. This cat was flying through with the greatest of ease. All of a sudden The Great Mondello missed the trapeze. Kersplatty on the ground he went. Come and see where Mondello did land. The poor fellow is in the Lord’s hands. That’s all folks. Go home. See you next week.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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