Review: Parov Stelar – The Art of Sampling

Parov Stelar returned back to his original electro swing roots on The Art of Sampling album. He does not solely rely on electronic music as he did with his Voodoo Album. He went back to interpolating vintage swing and modern jazz on this album here.

Parov talks about meeting woman named Josephine on the song Josephine.

Parov sat there alone listening to the saxophone while drinking sour whiskey at the bar. Then he saw her silhouette. She came and sat next to Parov. Her name was Josephine. She asked him for a cigarette. That’s how they met. She be cream and honey. His personal Playboy Bunny. I was her hundred dollar bill. They spent their our money. Always out looking for a thrill. It’s never cheap in Beverly Hills.

Don’t get him wrong. He knows he’ll miss her face. But he is movin’ on. You and me Both of them had something. Now he has to let her go. It’s a matter of his taste. He has always been this way. He likes them bad girls. You know the type. The ones that are so badly behaved. Don’t care about nothing but trouble. And they don’t care what you say. Josephine was his honey. Ain’t it funny how it goes? Parov has no regrets at all. Don’t get me wrong.

She Ain’t Got No Money is about this gold digging lady who has no money and wants Parov. She constantly asks people for money. This sexy lady ain’t got a dollar to her name.

She says she likes the way Parov talks. She really thinks he is funny. She wants him and she wants his heart. But she ain’t got no money.

Parov talks to her and says, “Pretty girl, how you been? I’ve been diggin at you since the day I was 10. But now I’m only thinking ’bout Benjamins.” This sexy lady ain’t got a dollar to her name. This sexy lady ain’t bring a dollar to the game. He really wants to give her his loving and all. He’s been working for too long. Now he’s gonna marry himself the wealth by finding that richest woman. So he’s gonna take her on himself.

Ain’t that the pretty doctor over there? Hanging out with the divorced lawyer who has that long blonde hair. Don’t go to go score, man Just become friends and meet the wealthy women who hangs around with them. All of them are rich and are deep in wealth. Come and see for yourself.

Faith shines and prevails even in/during the darkest hour. Faith in serendipity. That is what Faith is about. You know in the darkest hour, faith shines and prevails. When the coastline lights are waving that they shine like precious threads of pearls. And your house of clay built by the river with your strong arms hosts your faith in serendipity. So keep carrying on. Only hope can be above it all.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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