Review: Maceo Parker – Funkoverload

Maceo Parker – Funkoverload is one of the lesser known beautiful abstract jazz-funk albums that has not gotten much recognition over the years. American jazz-funk saxophonist Maceo Parker brings in a blend of funk on this album from a bygone era of music. He even covers some Marvin Gaye songs on the album such as Inner City Blues and Let’s Get It On in an instrumental style of jazz-funk.

Maceo sings about how he is living life with all its ups and downs on Sing a Simple Song. The message of the song is, “You’re in trouble when you find it’s hard for you to smile. A simple song might make it better for a little while.”

Maceo is walking, walking in the street. He is also talking in his sleep. Time is passing by. He is growing older. Things are happening fast. All he has got to hold on to is a simple song at last. Maceo is living life with all its ups and downs. He is giving love and smiling at the frowns. You’re in trouble when you find it’s hard for you to smile. A simple song might make it better for a little while.

Maceo tells everyone the story of how an elephant stepped on his foot on the song Elephant’s Foot.

While chillin’ one day not knowing what to do. Maceo thought he’d get his friend and go to the zoo. They didn’t see an elephant or a cage because someone had put them all on the stage. There were lumps and bumps and all kinds of grind. You know those elephants wouldn’t stay in line.

Maceo said: “I know just what they need. Let’s teach them all to do the Waymon Reed.” Maceo and his friend practiced and practiced all day long to teach these elephants the elephant song. These elephants looked at Maceo and his friend with tight lips. They just kept on moving those big elephant hips. An elephant dancing is a thing to see.
And that’s when Maceo noticed the elephants were looking at him. He said, “Come on, elephants, come on, let’s go”
And that’s when one of them stepped on his toe.

Now Maceo likes to teach but he has his limits. Elephant dancing is a pretty good gimmick. It was getting late. It was about time to open the gate. People came in to see the show. Someone said, “Hey, look, there’s Maceo.” Maceo said, “Can I have your attention please? These elephants are about to dance you down to your knees.” They bumped and grind and swayed all day. Started thinking about after the show, hey. Maceo said, “Come on, it’s not time to eat. We got to get the crowd up off their feet. We got to keep going for a while yet. Gotta help the owner out of debt. Anyway, after this there’s another show.”

I rate this album 4/5****.

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