Review: Lady Blackbird – Black Acid Soul

Lady Blackbird – Black Acid Soul is a jazz album which uses a combination of jazz and soul thus a jazz-soul fusion can be heard. Black Acid Soul is one of the lesser known jazz albums of 2021 with an indie jazz-soul sound. Lady Blackbird’s voice is reminiscent of Hardin Armstrong, Dinah Washington, Adele, and Lxandra.

Beware the Stranger is Lady Blackbird’s cautionary tale which tells people to be aware of this female stranger who has distinguishing features. Especially you tall, dark, and handsome men.

This female stranger… She’s wanted dead or alive. This female stranger has distinguishing features. Her distinguishing features are her cold and shifty eyes.

She’ll lead you on with her words so soft and sweet She’ll rob you of your pride. And then sweep you off your feet by throwing you under the bus. She’ll wine and dine you but in the end you’re the one to have to pay. And you’ll never see her when she makes her get away. So beware of this female stranger lurking in your town. Especially you tall, dark, and handsome men. Your heart will break down.

She’s sweet and loving. She’s a tricky character who will steal your breath away. Like an actor in a play. Embezzlement and murder are just a few crimes she’ll commit. She’ll steal your heart away. Surely steal the love you knew.

Nobody’s Sweetheart explains why Lady Blackbird is no one’s sweetheart anymore.

Lady Blackbird is no one’s sweetheart anymore because she was in a broken relationship. Her love was broken by her ex-lover. And now he never calls her. She feels ripped apart like a paper doll. Their love is ripped apart like a paper doll. Lady Blackbird is searching for some truth in a darkened room since it’s just disappeared without him near. Lights at the party dim and then fade. Lady Blackbird is left here all alone trying to remember what it was like before she was a sweetheart no more. What a strange sad affair to live without a care.

I rate this album 5/5*!!

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