Review: Balduin – Vintage Vibes

Balduin – Vintage Vibes is one of the lesser known electro swing albums which people hardly know about. Balduin invites listeners to their limitless world of Vintage Vibes which is electronic swing jazz with a touch of retro appeal. This is an album where electronic and swing jazz coexist marvelously.

Balduin & Offbeat – I Need Sleep is a Brit Hop electro swing where British hip hop/rap and electro swing meet each other. Offbeat explained why he was feeling exhausted and needed sleep in the song. The worst part is the night before was the same.

Offbeat wakes up feeling exhausted because he went to bed at 3 in the morning. He stayed awake staring at his phone. He should have put his phone down but he couldn’t leave it alone. He wasn’t even looking at anything decent. Just scrolling aimlessly for no reason. The worst part is the night before was the same.

The worst part is the night before was the same. They say that you need 8 hours a night. Offbeat is lucky if he even gets 5 hours of sleep. Wait, can you die from being sleep deprived? It’s at that moment that he decides tonight’s the night he breaks the habit of a lifetime. He goes to bed by 9.

He stumbles through the day feeling like a zombie who’s body’s been powered purely by coffee. He drinks about 20 cups of coffee without flinching. You know it’s bad when you don’t even mind instant. By some miracle he makes it to the evening. The reason he is not getting enough sleep is because he keeps getting distracted by technology such as his phone and TV.

Sue explains why she has a hangover on the song aptly titled Hangover.

Sue has to get up each morning to do the same chores all again. She’s got her laundry folded. She did her sit ups all again. Next she decides to give her friends a call. She puts her party dress on. Sue drink a bottle of rum as she needs her body to unwind. This is what results in her hangover.

The next day, she goes home way past dawn and the sunlight hurts her eyes. So she put her glasses on. Sunglasses are what’s needed to disguise the hangover. Then she got hit by a bus. Or at least that’s how she feels. Headache and shame are creeping over her now. Sue can’t get up this morning. She fell asleep in clothes again.

Masha Ray looks for something entertaining on the wild and wacky electro swing song called Wabababa. The song is Powered by nonsense desire and electro swing of course. The song tells people to always live up to the limit.

Lately Masha Ray has been pretty lazy. You might call it crazy.But she calls it “Wabababa”. She has been feeling like a baby lately. She is lookin for someone to entertain her with something like “Wabababa”. That is what these lyrics mean: Someone entertain me With something like “Wabababa”

If that’s our freedom better drink up what is given because who knows if it’s for a decade or a minute
We’re on the edge. So always live up to the limit because who knows if this dance/night is gonna be repeated. Powered by nonsense desire. By boredom and wires. Tired of infinite lying. Of sleeping and buying.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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