Review: Lxandra – Careful What I Dream Of

Lxandra – Careful What I Dream Of is similar to an Adele album. The way Lxandra sings is reminiscent in tune of Adele. Her style of singing is similar to Adele because her vocals are quite similar to Adele’s vocals. Her falsetto range is incredible and is on key. Not too much of a soprano. 75% percent of the albums is filled with love songs and romance while the other portion is filled with inspirational songs.

Glide explained how another man’s love gets Lxandra in trouble. The song explained how both of them have no destination as both of them are in love.

Lxandra is living her life in a bubble. Sometimes reality is too much for her. She trips and falls into a dream. Another man’s love gets Lxandra in trouble. Sometimes his gravity’s too much for her as his gravity has got her weak in the knees. Lxandra doesn’t know what they have got but she knows what she want. The silence is killing her softly.

Both of them just glide through the night. That is how they get by. Maybe they’re just foolin’ in their foolish imaginations. They have got no destination in sight. That is what the lyrics to the chorus mean.

You and I, we just glide, through the night
We just drive, we get by, we just glide
Maybe we’re just foolin’ in foolish imagination
Got no destination in sight
You and I, we get by, we just glide

Why should it be such a struggle when it means so much to him and her. She’s gotta handle him so delicately because he’s built like a ship in bottle. Why should it be such a struggle? Lxandra wants him to show her freedom because love doesn’t cost a thing.

Alright Now explains how change is a beautiful thing. Some people, they say change is a beautiful thing. The theme of change is used throughout the song. Change is an inevitable thing that happens in everyone’s lives.

It’s snowing in the desert. The Ocean is on fire. The Moon’s up in the daytime. And the Sun’s out at night. People are walking backwards. Questions used to be answers when everything’s all wrong. Change is a beautiful thing. It’s a beautiful thing but never when it’s happening. That’s sometimes the case but not always the case.

It’s never just a clean cut. The knife can be so dull. The healing’s not so pretty but the lesson’s worth it all. Lxandra has got to the edge but she didn’t jump. She found out what she was made of. She was made of something strong. So she is alright now.

Sideways explains how Lxandra’s man loves Lxandra sideways. The song explored the viewpoints of their one-sided love.

They do it well. Good hellos and bad goodbyes Well, who could tell? Lxandra sees him through his cloudy eyes. Cigarettes and the taste of cheap wine. Waking up in a daze. It’s his bed or hers. He is always her favorite waste of time. Both of them are all in for the thrill of it. At least until they are ill of it.

He loves Lxandra sideways. Drifting in and out of her space these days. Is it cruel for Lxandra to hold him so tight when their forever only lasts them some nights? Is it cruel for Lxandra to hold him so tight?

Raging nights in mid July. She thought it would end but he’s back again with lips ice cold and more to hide. They keep on playing pretend. How can she be here with him and not know where they are? They talk about where they wanna go but never get that far.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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