Review: Blulight – Blulight

Blulight – Blulight is an album with a unique blend of bass-bumpin’ funk with urban “street” appeal. Blulight – Blulight is one of the rarer lesser known releases and R&B albums which never got released. The album was never released due to Eazy-E’s death and incompletion. The album was advertised in Billboard Magazine from 1995-1998. If their album had dropped it would have exploded!

Blulight was Ruthless Records first and only R&B group. A co-ed R&B group at that. This Los Angeles-based R&B group signed to Ruthless Records in 1996 by Tomica Wood-Wright. Vivian Davis, Cory Cooke, and Swoop Brown were the members of Blulight. Vivian Davis is a “natural” talent who has the gift of song. Cory Cooke was and still sings in his father’s church choir at Fort Mission Church in South Central Los Angeles. “Swoop” was raised in the theatre as his Mom was a professional dancer/choreographer. Blulight was managed by Robert Mitchell.

Some of you may remember that Blulight had a song that was used on the Set It Off Soundtrack called Sex Is On My Mind back in 1996. The song was used during one of the sex scenes with Blair Underwood. The song was a self-explanatory song about sexual intercourse.

Many have always wondered what Vivian Davis says in her adlibs. She did not say, “I just broke my condom”. She actually said, “I just bought my condo”. That was not actually was purpose. This was something the listeners misinterpreted. Her lyrics were never about not using condoms. There was never any subliminal messages either.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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