Review: Z-Ro – 1 Deep

Z-Ro – 1 Deep is one of Z-Ro’s lesser known albums which received hardly any recognition or any form of publicity. The album featured gangstafied Southern unreleased songs that are considered to be exclusive material solely for this album. That album was released by the existential Houston, Texas based record label Presidential Records in 2006 as a limited edition album. The album sold out quickly and is impossible to find anywhere. Now Z-Ro does not hold a lot of weight down in terms of solo songs because there are a lot of guest artists featured on his songs. That is a common thing in Z-Ro’s albums.

Z-Ro explains how he is out here trying to make some change on the song Playa with the Presidential Playas from Presidential Records known as G.I.N., Chad Jones, Big Don, and HAWK. Please don’t get it twisted.

Playa don’t hate Z-Ro. Hate the game. They see a playa in the mix. So they jump on dick. He ain’t got time to be out here bullshitting. He is just out here trying to make some change. Please don’t get it twisted. Z-Ro is a Mo City soldier. Roll with him or get your ass rolled over.

You see Z-Ro is all about his fetti. Presidential Records is all about their fetti. Ask G.I.N. or Chad Jones. These Presidential playas are showing up.They are living lovely and are sipping bubbly wine. All of their cars are foreign pulling up on chrome. Swanging on 84’s and chopping in a line. Houston, Texas is the origin of the baller’s paradise. It’s going down. I can smell it in the air tonight. So when you see them pulling up plus looking like a million. Balling permanently but fakers change like a chameleon.

They see a playa in the mix. So they jump on dick. They see the kid Big Don on a painted six and the wrist frostbit. They see a nigga like Big Don is on the grind and he just won’t quit. Big Don keeps pumping and keeps them jumping on the tip of his dick. He done moved crumbs to bricks. It’s going down, baby.

These hoe ass niggas trying to roach the Presidential shine. But these niggas can’t because Presidential Records is on some Presidential shit. Just to get paid. So get off the dick.

They see a playa like Pup in the mix with a broad under his arm. You better recognize that he’s got the bomb squad with him and a Glock up under his charm because he can cause bodily harm. He is a playa/murderer bringing the flame straight out of Pud Park. You know the name. The aim is superior. His mack game is flawless.

Pup is the rawest because he can pull a bitch without even talking. He pulls up in the Lac with the woofers in the back and the windows kinda cracked while he is sitting fat like a mack with your broad on his lap. Pup is about to take her to the trap. When her ass comes back, he’ll be sitting on a stack. See that’s how playas do it. Pup the pimp game fluid.

Baller Please is the ballers version of the saying, “Player, please.”. Z-Ro wants to be a baller please but the bitches and the liquor keep on calling him. He keeps going back and forth to prison because he is selling drugs. The song is a Z-Ro and Big T duo.

Z-Ro wonders if he is blessed because he is still here. And he wonder if heaven is any different because in hell the blood spill hits. That’s got a nigga fiending for his last breath. Too many of his partners are beneath him because a bitch made nigga blasted on them.

Z-Ro explained how he was penitentiary bound with these lyrics because he was in and out of jail, prison, and the penitentiary during the mid 2000s because some of the crimes he committed were assault, domestic abuse, and possession with the intent to sell drugs. This was a common theme in his songs throughout the early to mid 2000s.

Penitentiary grown, cause I roam with a pocket full of stones
I wanna live my life, but my life ain’t worth the living
Cause while I’m dreaming about a Benz, even a Coupe ain’t driven
Headed for prison, but mama I’m alright with that
Strapped down with a shank in my tank, hit niggas all night with that
And it ain’t no love left, fuck all of my foes and friends
Motherfuckers don’t fuck with Ro, unless that nigga be rolling in ends

Z-Ro is penitentiary grown and is penitentiary grown, because he roams the streets of Mo City and H-Town with a pocket full of stones with the with the intention of selling drugs. Z-Ro wants to live his life but his life ain’t worth the living. Because while he is dreaming about a Benz, even a Coupe ain’t driven. He is headed for prison, but he is alright with that. He is strapped down with a shank in his tank. So he can hit niggas all night with that shank. He ain’t got no love left. Fuck all of his foes and friends.

Motherfuckers don’t fuck with Z-Ro unless that nigga be rolling in ends. He needs to wake up instead of day dreaming about holding a slab. Because it’s like being in love with a woman that you could never have. Witness the feeling punished by pain. Looking for shelter from the rain.

Z-Ro explains how his niggas from his hood (Ridgemont) aren’t supporting him when he is in or out of town on tour in these lyrics. There was a lot of hate going in Missouri City, Texas (Mo City) at that time due to his and Trae’s success.

Anybody who ever said they was down with me, can kiss my ass
I done dumped on motherfuckers, what they gon do for me
Out of town on stage, nobody from the hood in the crowd to root for me
Suppose to be my people, but I think my people is the devil
Fuck my peers, cause I’m on another level

Anybody who ever said they was down with Z-Ro can kiss his black ass. He done dumped on motherfuckers before. So what are they going to do for him? That is the big question. Out of town on stage, Nobody from the hood in the crowd to root for Z-Ro. Yet they are supposed to be his people.

Fuck the contemporaries and his peers. Z-Ro is on another level. Z-Ro gets deep, dark, and spiritual using vivid imagery in his lyrics. For example, Z-Ro gets deep, dark, and spiritual using vivid imagery in these lyrics right here. He gets in touch with his religious side by screaming to Jesus.

On my knees, screaming Jesus can you save me
My shit’s so fucked up, I wonder if you thought about me lately
And it hurt so deep a nigga can’t sleep, making me late night creep
Suicidal thoughts I think I’m ready, plus it’s fucking with me
Would I be missed by these bitch niggas, these fakes and frauds
Fiending for baby, cause she know she got my heart
Even though it’s torn apart, it’s pumping out nothing but love for you
And to my niggas keep your disses, I got slugs for you
I shed blood for you, but I’m not appreciated
The only nigga, that never hesitated
And it ain’t more, hollering out my roll dog’s name on tape
Unless it’s fuck you, and in front of it followed up by a K
No more, hollering out my roll dog’s name on tape
Unless it’s fuck you, and in front of it followed up by a K bitch

Big T is balling out of control and is sitting swoll on 4’s. The paint is so wet to the point that his clothes stick to the door. Oh no, it’s Big T. The Million Dollar Hook nigga, Come see Big T on a muddy cup. Man hol’ up.And if your bitch choose him, then you’re shit out of luck. He will send her ass home, broke, and well fucked. She is walking funny because she was well stuck.

Y’all boys talk down when Big T ain’t have shit. Like you didn’t know him every time he came around. Now when you hear him, he puts you on stall and you don’t say nothing when you see him in the mall. He’s gotta get his cash in these H-Town streets. Because Big T wants to be a baller please. But the bitches and the liquor keep on calling him.

Plex is one of the few solo songs on the album from Z-Ro. Who’s next to plex? You want to test? Better have your life right in the bottle of your vest. Plex is about how niggas with beef and animosity are against Z-Ro. So he has to defend himself. Z-Ro doesn’t have time to have plex.

They say Z-Ro was flipping out until he was losing control of his mind because he was moving fastin a world that ain’t ready for the pace. So he stays focussed on his grind. I bet everybody in Ridgemont 4 knows Z-Ro. Z-Ro is about gangsta shit. So bow before you see him with a strap.

Z-Ro has been silent for so long. It’s about time he broke the ice. Who’s next to plex? You want to test? Better have your life right in the bottle of your vest. Nobody wants to box him. Why does everybody want to pull a trigger to take a life instead of physical fighting with hand to hand combat such as boxing? Niggas with plex are against him. And everybody want to be talking about they real and they got love. But motherfuckers don’t love Z-Ro unless he’s got drink and bud. So he has got plex. He is also stressed. Sometimes he wonders if he is plexed. Thinking about him me will have him have to put his homies to rest.

Z-Ro came to bring the pain and deliver pain with one hitter quitters and eagle talons up in your liver. All the way from the south to the west. Every one of his bullets are looking for a residence.

Then he took his Benz on a stroll. Now every time he comes around his partners treat him like a stranger. They treat him as if they didn’t know him. He never thought it would come to this. He has got to keep one in the chamber. What makes real niggas turn into hoes and make niggas go fraud?

Too many of these boys be bulletproof. That’s why they like to compete. But run your badass over Ridgemont, you’ll be dead before you get to Ridgecrest. You think it’s a game, but Z-Ro has been working on a straight aim and he is ready to kill.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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